Zoom’s Hardware as a Service Program Expands to New Regions 

 February 24, 2021

By  Scott

Zoom’s Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program is expanding! Previously U.S. only, Zoom’s HaaS is now available to our customers in 18 countries throughout Europe, who can use it to select from a variety of subscription options for phone and meeting room hardware.

As discussed during our recent webinar, Zoom Hardware as a Service Expands to EMEA, HaaS can be used to deploy a dynamic communications experience tailored to unique business needs.

What is Zoom’s HaaS?

Our HaaS program provides access to Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms hardware solutions through a subscription service, giving organizations the ability to outfit their employees with leading video conference rooms and phones and scale these solutions at a fixed monthly price. 

All Zoom HaaS solutions are supported by Zoom, enabling a consistent experience for customers. IT leaders also have the option to add professional and managed services to their subscription, providing organizations with hassle-free installation and enhanced end-to-end management from Zoom’s professional services teams.

HaaS supports the hybrid workforce

As businesses look to enable the hybrid workforce, a program like Zoom’s HaaS will play a pivotal role. HaaS evolves the traditional hardware experience, which is often costly, unwieldy, and difficult to manage. With many companies unable to afford equipment for all their employees or needing to adjust the hardware to a changing headcount, HaaS helps organizations remain flexible and avoid large upfront costs. With it, businesses can equip themselves with hardware solutions from leading vendors for a cost-effective monthly rate, freeing up their budget for important projects and increasing accessibility to quality solutions.

Zoom’s HaaS also allows organizations to easily scale up or down according to their business needs. With the ability to tailor and adjust devices over time, customers can evolve their hardware as their business grows, helping their organization navigate the future of work. 

Expanded availability in 18 countries

Zoom’s HaaS EMEA expansion features the same hardware product offerings as the U.S., which are all designed to support both Zoom Phone and Zoom Rooms. The program features world-class hardware from DTEN, Poly, Yealink, and Neat.

The HaaS expansion extends to 18 countries in total: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K.

To learn more about Zoom’s HaaS program, please visit our Hardware as a Service page or read this Zoom HaaS eBook.

By: Karen Hong
Title: Zoom’s Hardware as a Service Program Expands to New Regions
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zooms-hardware-as-a-service-program-expands-to-new-regions/
Published Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2021 18:43:47 +0000

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