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If you’re like most people, you’re going to be super excited about what you’re about to learn about real life marketing strategy.

But, it’s possible that you also may be like most people in that the “tech-y” stuff slows you down.

In fact, it makes some people give up altogether.

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Here is a “hands on”, over the shoulder, step by step video course showing you all of the technical tricks that you’ll need to know to bring the strategies out of the classroom and into your business.

Here they are:

Video #1
Using Zoom in a Calendar System

Video #2
Connecting Zoom To An Auto-Scheduling Systemm

Video #3
Connecting Zoom To An Auto-Scheduling System - Part 2

Video #4
Connecting Zoom To Your Facebook Group

Video #5
Embed Your Zoom Webinar On Your WordPress Website

Video #6
Broadcast Meetings and Webinars On Twitter

Video #7
Broadcast to Multiple Locations Simultaneously

Video #8
Add a Customer To Zoom After An Affiliate Purchase

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