Zoom X powered by Telekom: How Zoom and Deutsche Telekom are redefining communication 

June 15, 2023

At Zoom, we know that different customers have different needs around security and data residency. That’s why we partnered with Deutsche Telekom, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Europe. Together, the two companies now offer Zoom X, a special variant of Zoom’s communications platform. Named “Zoom X powered by Telekom”, the solution combines the popular features of Zoom One with the trusted network and service of Deutsche Telekom.

What is Zoom X?

Zoom X powered by Telekom is more than just a reseller partnership – it’s a version of the Zoom platform that runs within the network of Deutsche Telekom. The biggest difference from other Zoom offerings is the technical setup. Deutsche Telekom and Zoom will deliver the service within Germany, the EU, and the EEA in order to support customers with the higher requirements regarding data privacy and regional data protection laws. Zoom X powered by Telekom helps enable customers in particularly sensitive areas to use the communication platform.

Of course, Zoom X still offers the familiar functions of Zoom for protecting private and business data, including tools to protect your meetings and manage participant activity, as well as optional end-to-end encryption for Zoom Meetings.

In addition to the meeting function, Zoom X includes other products from Zoom One, for example, Zoom Team Chat, Zoom X Webinars, and Zoom X Phone. The latter bundles all the functions of a classic telephone system and extends them with cloud-based features such as seamless switching from audio to video and from landline to mobile – for location-independent reachability. Whether you are using Zoom X on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet: Telekom’s network delivers secure HD audio/video and enterprise-class service quality.

Zoom X in a nutshell: What are the key differences to Zoom?

Zoom X powered by Telekom meets unique customer needs while enabling a new way of working:

Zoom X is currently available for companies headquartered in Germany. It is a variant of the Zoom platform that runs within Deutsche Telekom’s network.Data from meeting participants for Meetings hosted using Zoom X is held on servers located in Germany.Deutsche Telekom provides dial-in numbers for Germany and more than 50 other nations for those who attend meetings by phone.Contract processing, ordering, national first-level support, and billing are handled by Deutsche Telekom.

Zoom X is not a separate release; products follow the Zoom update cycle. Zoom X powered by Telekom is fully compatible with all other Zoom products and installations. Customers can collaborate with any other Zoom user – worldwide, from one client.

If a Zoom X customer hosts a meeting, their data stays in Germany within the Zoom X environment. If a Zoom X customer joins a meeting hosted by another Zoom customer, that data follows the hosting Zoom customer’s account settings including for storage. While the data transfer to the US is minimized, pseudonymized hashed e-mail-addresses are securely transferred to the look-up service in the USA, and 3rd level support might be offered from outside the EU/EEA in specific cases.

Zoom X: Secure, Innovative, Seamless

Zoom X powered by Telekom helps companies of all sizes communicate and collaborate with their employees, partners, and customers. Secure, simple, and accessible to everyone. With this offering, Deutsche Telekom and Zoom close a gap for customers with higher demands around data protection. This provides customers in Germany and Europe with an experienced partner, making it easy to roll out Zoom X quickly, even in larger organizations.

How to buy Zoom X?

Zoom X is sold exclusively by Deutsche Telekom. With Zoom X, Deutsche Telekom and Zoom enable companies of all sizes and industries headquartered in Germany to access the Zoom communications platform. This is ensured by Telekom’s staff, processes, and support. Interested parties can learn more and purchase Zoom X on Telekom.de/Zoom-X.

By: Aya Lorenzen
Title: Zoom X powered by Telekom: How Zoom and Deutsche Telekom are redefining communication
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-and-deutsche-telekom/
Published Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 11:11:32 +0000

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