Set up external meetings and calls in a snap with Zoom Scheduler 

June 21, 2023

We’ve all been there: wasting time on back-and-forth email threads trying to book a meeting, but your schedules never seem to line up. Finding a time that works for everyone can feel nearly impossible.

When you struggle to schedule meetings efficiently, it can result in limited productivity and collaboration, which can lead to missed opportunities or even lost revenue because of no-shows.

Now, with Zoom Scheduler, you can streamline how you schedule meetings with a few simple clicks.

Driving smart, cohesive collaboration

Zoom Scheduler (now generally available) is designed to reduce the time and hassle of appointment scheduling with people outside your organization through seamless integration with the Zoom platform, making it easier to meet and collaborate. For those familiar with scheduling apps like Calendly, Zoom Scheduler gives you similar functionality while also helping you reduce the “toggle tax” of jumping between multiple applications like your email, calendar, and video communications solution, which ultimately saps your productivity.

With Zoom Scheduler, you can generate “slots” of availability for your meeting attendees. They can then select a preferred time that works for both of your calendars. It’s appointment scheduling and management, all within Zoom.

Sync schedules in an instant

As an enhancement to meetings, Zoom Scheduler seamlessly syncs with Zoom Mail and Calendar, Google Calendar, and Microsoft 365 to make sure all your scheduling and communications are in one place when you’re ready to hop on a meeting. The offering lets you easily view availability across applications and generate slots accordingly. A few other key features that come with Zoom Scheduler include:

Booking schedules: Create a recurring instance of availabilityOne-to-many attendees: Allow multiple users to sign up for one slotAutomated and customized email notifications: Automate and personalize email reminders and confirmationsCustomized form fields: Collect preferred information during the attendee booking processBranded booking page (coming soon): Customize the colors, logos, and more on your appointment booking page to align to your brand voiceRotating hosts scheduling: Set up a session that allows an attendee to find time with an available team memberAggregate hosts event type: Generate slots of availability when all relevant stakeholders are availableCustom schedule URLs: Customize and shorten any URLs you generate

Zoom Scheduler will be available to purchase for $5.99/month per user, and will be included in Zoom One Enterprise Plus and Zoom One Business Plus bundles.

Scheduling tailored to your business needs

No matter where you work or what you do, it’s always tricky to find time to connect. Zoom Scheduler’s familiar interface and easy-to-use features are designed to help everyone spend less time on scheduling and more driving impact. Scheduler could be used by:

Salespeople trying to book more appointments, drive pipeline, and close dealsCustomer success teams delivering ongoing client support and relationship nurturingCorporate hiring managers and recruiting companies simplifying scheduling interviews for potential candidatesSchools offering appointments with advisors, counselors, tutoring, and more Institutions that provide community services, recreation, counseling, and outreach programsNonprofits automating scheduling for services like document renewals, volunteer slots, blood drives, and moreEnterprises that frequently schedule meetings outside of their organization

Simplify how you work

Whether you’re scheduling an interview, hoping to drive pipeline and book more deals, or automating service scheduling, spending less time coordinating calendars leaves you with more time to focus on getting stuff done. Zoom Scheduler and the calendar sidebar features make scheduling painless and getting organized a breeze, helping you gain visibility and stay productive. When you’re not jumping between apps, you can save both time and money while building meaningful connections with customers and coworkers alike.

You can learn more about how Zoom Scheduler enables seamless collaboration by visiting this webpage. You can access it now here.

By: Maribeth Brown
Title: Set up external meetings and calls in a snap with Zoom Scheduler
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-scheduler/
Published Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2023 13:00:00 +0000

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