Scale your innovation with Zoom’s Video SDK Universal Credit Plan and UI toolkit beta 

July 18, 2023

Managing budget constraints and limited development resources are two common challenges for many companies as they build their own solutions that consume video, audio, and other technology from backend service providers. To enable simple and customizable innovation for developers, we are thrilled to announce our Universal Credit Plan and UI toolkit beta, now available for our Video SDK customers.

Prioritize speed and savings with our Universal Credit Plan

Through our Universal Credit Plan, developers can now budget for a single pool of credits that can be applied towards any Video SDK account and add-on services. Credits can also be applied to new SDK services as they become available.

This feature enables developers to reduce costs and accelerate their business outcomes with access to reliable video, equipping them with the flexibility they need to build in a scalable way. By using a single bucket of lower-cost, prepaid credits, developers can eliminate the need to manage multiple accounts or contracts.

Overcome time and experience constraints with our UI toolkit

As developers seek out new ways to quickly get to market, they need solutions — like our Video SDK UI toolkit— to overcome time constraints and lack of building experience. Eliminating hours of coding by providing basic video app elements, our Video SDK UI toolkit beta offers vertical-specific prebuilt UI templates so developers can quickly build and scale their video solutions. Access our beta download, start building, and share feedback through our Developer Docs pages for iOS and Web.

future built on innovation

Our innovation is ever-evolving at Zoom — and that means developers can expect even more tools, like AI technology, to be added to the SDK offering in the future. These features will join our existing list of AI-powered offerings, which include noise cancellation, live transcription, and more. Pair these upcoming AI features with our Universal Credit Plan and UI toolkit, and you can differentiate your offerings in a scalable, high-performance way, providing a dependable communication platform as a service with Zoom.

You can access the Universal Credit Plan and UI toolkit beta and get started building with our Video SDK from our Developer Docs.

By: Steven Li
Title: Scale your innovation with Zoom’s Video SDK Universal Credit Plan and UI toolkit beta
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/video-sdk-universal-credit-plan-and-ui-toolkit-beta/
Published Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2023 16:00:00 +0000

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