Wainhouse Research: Zoom Whiteboard Elevates Conference Room Collaboration 

October 21, 2022

As a follow-up to their recent report, “A First Look at Zoom’s New Whiteboard,” Wainhouse Research has also released a report that explores the role of our all-new Zoom Whiteboard in the meeting room.

Along with a close examination of how the communication and collaboration needs of workers have evolved, Wainhouse’s follow-up report, “Zoom’s New Whiteboard in the Meeting Room” provides an in-depth review of how the combination of Zoom Whiteboard and the meeting room creates an intuitive, consistent, collaboration-ready space for hybrid teams.

Here are some key insights from the report:

Zoom Whiteboard is a critical hybrid work solution

Zoom Whiteboard offers a single cloud-based solution that can be accessed regardless of location, device, or time zone, providing hybrid teams with the flexible and intuitive collaboration features they need to succeed. Our all-new whiteboard also offers many benefits over a traditional whiteboard, including:

It’s easily shareable – Seamlessly share whiteboards during your meetings or empower collaboration before and after your meetings with the ability to share a whiteboard directly with your team through Zoom Team ChatAdd resources to your heart’s content – Expand your canvas to include newly added user content to keep things organized, or even add multiple canvases to a single board to consolidate projects Leverage intuitive features – Re-create a traditional whiteboard experience in a digital space and empower everyone to participate with easy-to-use features like shapes and connectors, sticky notes, and more

“In addition to the ideate-from anywhere approach, this new whiteboard is persistent and accessible to users in synchronous and asynchronous environments. With new functionality and architecture to address how teams now operate, the new Zoom Whiteboard is working to deliver on the vision of a single collaboration tool for the workplace.”

Dan Root, Analyst, Wainhouse Research, Zoom’s New Whiteboard in the Meeting Room, August 2022

Enjoy a collaboration-ready environment with Zoom Rooms and Zoom Whiteboard

When it comes to technology, everyone has a preference for which device they’d like to use, and organizations are no different. However, this can create challenges as employees struggle to pair or integrate their devices with on-site technology, requiring specific integrations or an upgrade to their device to achieve a smooth experience.

“Adding to the value proposition is flexibility around devices; where others offer costly branded hardware for in-room whiteboarding, Zoom works seamlessly with a wide range of hardware vendors. An open approach to the hardware ecosystem lowers costs associated with switching, in addition to minimizing impacts on meeting room hardware refresh cycle times. The new Zoom Whiteboard works within the pre-existing hardware requirements, enabling all current touch-enabled Zoom Rooms to leverage the synchronous co-creation capabilities.”

Dan Root, Analyst, Wainhouse Research, Zoom’s New Whiteboard in the Meeting Room, August 2022

Zoom Rooms provides a device-flexible environment where users can leverage a wide range of hardware solutions to use Zoom Whiteboard, including mobile and touch screen devices, laptops, and more. To start collaborating on a whiteboard in a Zoom Room, simply pair your device with the Room using a sharing key. From there, you can create a new whiteboard or share an existing whiteboard using the share icon.

Simplify collaboration and increase adoption

With so many different options available to teams, sometimes it can be hard to standardize your collaboration efforts or increase the adoption of new solutions.

Zoom Whiteboard is available with both free and paid subscriptions for Zoom Meetings, with the option to use unlimited whiteboards with paid subscriptions. This makes it easy to try it out for people unfamiliar with Zoom Whiteboard. And with intuitive features and controls that Zoom users are already familiar with, you can drive adoption and get everyone onboard.

“By providing digital whiteboarding capabilities to all license holders, Zoom increases the chances of casual users testing and adopting the solution. Over time, Zoom Whiteboard is expected to increase the visual literacy within an organization, and slowly chip away at lingering end-user resistance to visual collaboration tools.”

Dan Root, Analyst, Wainhouse Research, Zoom’s New Whiteboard in the Meeting Room, August 2022

Zoom Whiteboard also helps to simplify and standardize collaboration. With features like shapes and connectors, you can seamlessly create visual workflows that collaborators can easily understand and follow. With our template feature, you can help ensure that each team member’s contributions follow an intuitive format. And when you leverage Zoom Whiteboard alongside Zoom Rooms, you can create engaging on-site collaboration sessions that remote attendees can equally participate in with access to the same tools, features, and functionalities as their on-site counterparts.

Bring the drawing board to life with Zoom Whiteboard

Be sure to visit our blog to discover more about Zoom Whiteboard, or visit our pricing page to choose a Zoom plan that fits your whiteboard needs.

By: Maribeth Brown
Title: Wainhouse Research: Zoom Whiteboard Elevates Conference Room Collaboration
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/wainhouse-research-zoom-whiteboard-in-the-conference-room/
Published Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2022 16:00:00 +0000

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