UPDATE: 2 Million Reasons to Celebrate Zoom Phone 

 September 11, 2021

By  Scott

We launched Zoom Phone in January 2019 because we saw an opportunity to provide a business phone solution that is as simple, reliable, and easy to use as our video platform. We’re proud to announce that we’ve now surpassed 2 million Zoom Phone seats sold worldwide!

Going from zero to 2 million licenses in just over two and a half years  – and doubling from 1 million to 2 million paid seats in less than 9 months! – is a testament to the growing need for a rich cloud telephony solution like Zoom Phone. Organizations around the world no longer have to settle for a phone solution; they can choose one that strategically scales with their business.

Whether it was to replace an outdated legacy solution, to consolidate communications onto a single platform, or enable remote and hybrid teams amid COVID-19 (or all of the above), we’re extremely grateful for every organization for choosing to deploy Zoom Phone. We’re also proud of our Zoom teams for constantly driving the speed of innovation to meet your evolving business communication needs.

Who purchased the 2 millionth seat?

Zoom celebrates the customer who purchased the 2 millionth seat, Bickford Senior Living, an industry-leading care provider for seniors in the United States across 62 locations. Working with its longtime channel partner, ServiceMark Telecom, Bickford piloted and tested several types of cloud-based phone solutions. Zoom Phone was the obvious choice when it came to cost savings, a clean interface, and the ability to streamline existing applications.

“We pride ourselves on being innovators and are thrilled to bring Zoom Phone to our caregivers, administrative staff, and corporate employees,” said Alan Fairbanks, Executive Vice President of Operations at Bickford. “We’re especially excited to consolidate the communication devices our caregivers carry each day. No longer will they need a cordless phone, walkie-talkie, and pager. Zoom Phone gives us everything we need and more. We’re making our caregivers’ lives easier so they can spend more time focusing on what matters most – caring for our residents.” 

An additional selling point was the Nomadic E911 feature. “E911 will alert us immediately if there is a real problem at one of our branches,” Fairbanks added.

​​Here are a few of the highlights from the road to 2 million and a few reasons why customers like Bickford helped us get there so quickly.

The road to 2 million 

Since introducing Zoom Phone, we’ve:

Expanded global coverage to 47 countries and territories natively and provided flexible BYOC options that extends our geographic reach even furtherBeen named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Worldwide, in the first year we qualifiedAdded numerous valuable features, including Nomadic E911, SMS, Power Pack (a phone add-on that provides robust call queue analytics, a desktop UI for steady call handling, and Team SMS), business app integrations, and more to help organizations improve safety, productivity, and business continuityDeployed Zoom Phone to so many amazing organizations, including Ciena, USC, Quinnipiac University, Equinix, and eBay, who trust Zoom for their critical voice communicationsEarned recognition as a Top 10 UCaaS Platform by peer review site G2 Been named the No. 2 provider in Omdia’s 2021 UCaaS scorecard for North America based on number of seats, strong financial stability, market share momentum, and service development. According to the report:

“Zoom caused the largest surprise, coming in for the first time and grabbing second in this year’s Scorecard, an outcome Omdia did not foresee. We knew Zoom was gaining ground with Zoom Phone after less than two years in the market and had expected the company to make it into the top 10 in the Scorecard this year. However, the strength of its financials and its market momentum are what moved Zoom up to second place. Leveraging the strength of its video conferencing business and an unprecedented year where businesses sent employees to work from home in vast numbers catapulted the Zoom brand into every IT manager and CIO office. The company has been under a breakneck development cycle with Zoom Phone along with its video and messaging portions, which come together to form a complete UCaaS service.” 

Offered the Zoom United pricing bundle to make it easier for businesses to manage Zoom Phone, Zoom Chat, and Zoom Meetings on a single licenseLaunched a new category of devices, Zoom Phone Appliances, purpose-built business productivity endpoints that provide both Zoom Phone and Meetings capabilities. 

“Zoom Phone has been an astounding success,” said Elka Popova, VP of Connected Work Research at Frost & Sullivan. “Thanks to its innovative pricing model and widespread availability, it has quickly become an attractive option for many SMB and enterprise customers around the world.”

The value of Zoom Phone

Traditional telephony can be a complicated and costly endeavor — especially for global organizations — involving expensive hardware and multiple carriers. We knew there had to be a better way for organizations to manage their telephony solution and to benefit from it, too.

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve focused on creating a phone solution that’s easy enough for small and midsize businesses to use and deploy and has all the advanced capabilities large multinational organizations require to support global users.

“Zoom Phone has been incredibly valuable when it comes to keeping our teams connected,” said Susan Delaney, Director, Global Network Services at eBay. “The one-click option to elevate calls to meetings allowed our users ease, and reduced time spent, alleviating the need to juggle multiple platforms. Zoom’s pricing plans made it easy to roll out a single solution across our offices around the world.”

Zoom Phone enables all sizes of organizations to:

Simplify management of voice and video communications with a centralized admin portalMaintain business continuity with features like call forwarding, transfer, hold, call park, barge/monitor/whisper, call queues, call recording, and the ability to elevate a Zoom Phone call to a Zoom MeetingEnhance on-premises safety and security with Nomadic E911 (see the video below), internal safety team alerts when calling 911, and dashboard metrics for emergency location trackingImprove productivity with native integrations to essential business applications like Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Google G-Suite, and call center integrations with Five9, Genesys, InContact, Talkdesk, and Twilio

Additionally, we organically built out Zoom’s cloud-native architecture so it is optimized for meetings, phone, and chat. Our fully homegrown and self-managed solution gives customers a single-platform advantage, delivered to our users using a single unified client in a simple and easy-to-use experience. Our ability to scale up capacity as needed allows us to onboard new Zoom Phone customers quickly and provides unmatched call quality regardless of the number of users on our platform.

Simply put, we’ve listened carefully to what you’ve been asking for all along – a phone solution designed for all the ways you need to communicate. And we couldn’t have done it without you. 

So, to all of our Zoom Phone customers, thank you!

For additional reading on why people continue to choose our cloud phone solution, check out this short ebook on the benefits of Zoom Phone.

Editor’s note: This post was updated from the original Jan. 20, 2021, version to include the most up-to-date Zoom Phone product updates and milestones.

Editor’s note: This post was updated from the June 10, 2021, version to include the most up-to-date Zoom Phone product updates and milestones.

By: Graeme Geddes
Title: UPDATE: 2 Million Reasons to Celebrate Zoom Phone
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/millions-of-reasons-to-celebrate-zoom-phone/
Published Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2021 06:28:00 +0000

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