Unleashing the power of Zoom: Our debut at OMR 2023 

May 24, 2023

The OMR Festival 2023 has been a blast. Our debut was an incredible experience. We heard great things about the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival, so we were eager to see what all the fuss was about. Plus, it was an excellent opportunity to reconnect with customers and partners. And of course, a great way to showcase the Zoom platform to visitors interested in learning that Zoom is more than meetings.

The next level for hybrid events

There was a lot of interest in our Zoom Events solutions from the marketers attending OMR in 2023. Solutions such as Zoom Webinars, Zoom Sessions, or Zoom Events can be tailored to events of up to 50.000 concurrent users, creating engaging event experiences and opening up new opportunities to target audiences. For example, we hosted our own hybrid Zoomtopia, combining face-to-face sessions with virtual performances, talks, and presentations into one smooth experience.

Connecting customers

OMR 23 was also a great way to highlight new additions to our offering such as Zoom Contact Center. Our innovative CX solution enables businesses to streamline how they interact with and engage with customers. Using advanced AI capabilities, Zoom Contact Center can increase customer satisfaction and minimize interaction time. For example, agents or external experts automatically receive all the information the customer has entered or saved in their profile. This means customers don’t have to explain the problem again, saving time and sparing customers annoying repetition. Thanks to our intelligent features, Zoom Contact Center can make use of advanced routing and connect the customer to the right agent.

The avatar station at OMR 23. Visitors could design their Zoom Avatar and print it on a tote bag.

Another highlight was our Zoom Avatar station. Currently in beta and available to all Zoom users, our avatars are designed to make meetings more flexible and fun. The avatar will display the virtual “you” if you don’t want to turn on your camera. Because they can move and react with you – without you having to turn on your video stream – avatars are the perfect stand-in for video. At OMR 23 – we brought our avatars out of the virtual world and into the ‘real’ world. Visitors could design their own Zoom avatars and have them printed on a personalized tote bag. This activation was a big hit, with long queues (and some great conversations while people were waiting).

OMR 23 also provided the perfect stage to introduce Frederik Maris, our new Head of EMEA, to the public during a fireside chat with Fränzi Kühne, influencer and CDO of edding AG. Frederik, who is keen to shape the future of Zoom across EMEA, talked about his plans for Zoom and shared some personal details.

Frederik Maris, Head of EMEA at Zoom, getting interviewed by Fränzi Kühne.

Fränzi put it best in her LinkedIn update: “AI and the hybrid future of the working world were also hotly discussed. For Frederik, the future is, of course, hybrid. Which is the best prerequisite, if you ask me. But of course, there’s still a lot to be done. That’s why he and his team want to use AI to find even more effective solutions and, above all, to improve the quality of collaboration across screens. So that collaboration can finally work really well from anywhere. A beautiful mission, in my opinion.”

Overall, OMR 23 was a fantastic experience for Zoom, and we look forward to catching up with everyone we met in the coming weeks.

By: Moritz Jaeger
Title: Unleashing the power of Zoom: Our debut at OMR 2023
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-omr-23-recap/
Published Date: Wed, 24 May 2023 08:45:49 +0000

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