Say Hello to Zoom One, an Evolution in the Zoom Platform Experience 

August 23, 2022

Collaborate however you want, from wherever you need with persistent chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard, and more in one offering

We here at Zoom believe the most successful hybrid work environments – the ones that inspire employees to do their best work – are built through meaningful connection and effective collaboration. We envision a future of work with less friction and more flexibility in creating those connections, so you can collaborate however you want, with whomever you need, from wherever you are.

A sentence in a recent Harvard Business Review article about building a culture of belonging in a hybrid world, particularly resonates with us: “Work is not just a vehicle for productivity, but an opportunity to have meaningful connections with others, which can enhance our overall experience of life.”

To better facilitate connection in a hybrid world, we’re evolving our product categorization to better align with our customers’ current and emerging business demands. Zoom is about connecting people. These focus areas are designed to help our customers better understand the challenges they can solve with Zoom while also aligning our products with all the ways your work is evolving. 

That manifests in this new framework:

Zoom One, your all-in-one communication and collaboration offering Zoom Spaces, room solutions for the modern workspaceZoom Events, simplifying how you host virtual and hybrid experiencesZoom Contact Center, a video-optimized omnichannel contact center solutionZoom Developers, where builders go to innovate using Zoom

Zoom One is available for purchase today. This offering brings together persistent chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard, and other solutions so your teams have exactly what they need to foster the connections that make modern work … well, work. 

Given the growth of our product portfolio – including the addition of our omnichannel cloud contact center solution, an all-new digital whiteboard, and conversational intelligence software in 2022 alone – it’s our responsibility to simplify how you work with us and how Zoom works for you.

“Businesses continue to realize the time and cost saving a single provider can offer. According to Omdia’s latest end user survey, 40% of organizations are prioritizing investments around eliminating multiple cloud-based UC solutions that may be deployed within their organizations,” states Brent Kelly, Principal Analyst, Omdia Research. “The need to simplify business operations is a market trend that we see as being increasingly important, and Zoom One’s tiered bundles and common management console aligns well to this customer demand.”

Here’s more detail on the “why” behind this platform evolution and how you can deliver on the promise of hybrid work flexibility, simplify management, and scale your business faster with Zoom One.

Zoom One: Chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard & more

Did you know that Zoom provides more than video meetings? With Zoom, you can scale your communications as you grow and more flexibly support your teams and customers.

Zoom One packages our persistent chat, phone, meetings, whiteboard, and other solutions to provide your teams with multiple ways to connect and collaborate, all from one unified platform. These products are purpose-built to work together to enable smarter collaboration and keep projects moving forward.

Some of these capabilities seamlessly work across our collaboration products by design, including the ability to:

Start a phone call or video meeting from a chat message Collaborate on a whiteboard from your desktop or room, and easily share it with othersSee whether a co-worker is available with presence status

Additionally, Zoom One’s simple pricing minimizes the need for a bunch of add-ons and makes it easy to support your business needs now and in the future. Both your teams and your customers benefit from more ways to connect, collaborate, and engage in one seamless, automated user experience.

Why Zoom One?

It’s simple: Zoom One powers flexible work. Employees are demanding flexibility, and organizations must provide it. And that means investing in technology to enable remote and hybrid teams in meaningful ways.

For one global organization, standardizing its communications technology enables employees to better serve their clients and simplifies IT support processes.

“If you provide a complete suite of reliable and easy-to-use communication tools that people can use to do their jobs, they are less likely to be using one-off solutions outside of our offerings – which in turn simplifies our support and delivery model,” said Rob Kerr, chief information officer at Cooley, a global law firm with 3,300 employees in 17 offices across the United States, Asia, and Europe. “Zoom’s secure portfolio of unified video, chat, and telephony solutions aligns our global teams and allows Cooley to better serve its clients.”

Out-of-meeting chat is especially complementary to video in this hybrid world, according to our 2021 video engagement survey. While video is essential for creating authentic connections with teammates, building trust with clients, and overall productivity, not every touchpoint requires a video call. In fact, 71% of professionals said the information on some video calls would be better sent in a chat or email.

This unified communications approach also makes financial and productivity sense. 

According to “The Total Economic Impact™ of Zoom’s Unified Communications Platform,” a study commissioned by Zoom and conducted by Forrester Consulting, a composite model organization using Zoom’s platform could:

Save up to 52 minutes per employee per week in productivityImprove the time-to-value of sales by 70%Reduce IT troubleshooting time by 75%Eliminate redundant technologies and reduce travel

All told, Zoom’s unified platform provides tens of millions of dollars in business value and up to a 261% return on investment for a composite model organization with a payback in less than six months. That’s a pretty good deal to provide the flexible work model your employees want while elevating overall business productivity. 

Your teams require the tools they need to connect in ways that work for them. Zoom One enables more flexible work, enhanced collaboration, and more meaningful connection in one intuitive experience while simplifying how you manage those solutions.

Get started with Zoom One today

Zoom One provides more meaningful connections with less friction. With secure, reliable solutions for instant messaging, business VoIP phone service, video meetings, and online whiteboarding, Zoom One helps you provide a flexible work environment, consolidate your tech stack, and simplify how you support your teams and customers. Zoom Phone is only included in Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise plans. 

Learn more on the Zoom One webpage, or visit our pricing page to get started with Zoom One today! To see our portfolio of solutions in action and understand the business challenges you can solve with Zoom, schedule a demo with a product expert.

By: Greg Tomb
Title: Say Hello to Zoom One, an Evolution in the Zoom Platform Experience
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-one/
Published Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 12:58:00 +0000

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