New: Zoom’s Law Enforcement Request System 

August 4, 2022

We’re always looking for ways to standardize and evolve our processes through the implementation of new tools and systems. One of those systems is our new Law Enforcement Request System (LERS). Launched today, this system builds on our work to streamline and standardize the legal request process, both for global law enforcement agencies submitting requests and for those at Zoom who evaluate and process those requests.

What is LERS?

LERS is a secure request system that enables law enforcement and government officials to securely submit and track legal requests and receive information. LERS also streamlines the evaluation and response process for our Law Enforcement Response team and supports our transparency reporting.

With LERS, law enforcement officers and government agencies can:

Securely submit requests for user data, as well as preservation, emergency, or withhold access requests.Track the status of requests, communicate with Zoom’s Law Enforcement Response team, and more.

Our team reviews all requests for legal validity and adherence to the requirements listed in our Government Requests Guide. We provide user information in response to government requests as required by law or in bona fide emergencies. 

To learn more about how Zoom responds to these requests for user data, please refer to our Government Requests Guide, Government Requests and Data Protection blog, and Transparency Report.

ccess to LERS

Access to LERS is limited to law enforcement officers and government officials using government-issued emails, who may request a LERS account by visiting lers.zoom.us. Law enforcement with an account will be required to engage in multi-factor authentication when logging in. 

For more information about how to submit a request, refer to the Government Requests Guide.

If you’ve previously submitted a legal request via the existing Trust Form, we will continue to process any requests that are already in the queue. However, you should use LERS for all requests moving forward. 

Engaging with the public sector 

When a request meets the criteria in our Government Requests Guide, our Law Enforcement Response team makes sure to share only the right data with the right people. LERS streamlines the process for all involved and helps make Zoom a safer place for all.

To learn more about LERS, law enforcement officers and government officials can visit our dedicated LERS Support Center. And to learn more about our Trust & Safety program, visit our Trust Center.

By: Vanessa DiPaulo
Title: New: Zoom’s Law Enforcement Request System
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-law-enforcement-request-system/
Published Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 15:30:00 +0000

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