Furniture Can Actually Impact How You Collaborate: Here’s How to Optimize Your Space 

 September 9, 2021

By  Scott

As we plan to return to offices and establish a hybrid workforce, it’s clear that technology will play an increasingly crucial role in how we experience our workspaces. 

Remote collaboration and communication have become a necessity for the future of work. It’s therefore critical to build a comfortable — yet aesthetically pleasing — office environment that gives in-person employees the ability to connect with anyone, anywhere. This includes, but is not limited to, reception areas, digital signage, personal desks, open collaboration areas, conference rooms, advanced presentation spaces, or other custom spaces. 

While technology is pervasive in the modern-day office, it’s vital we integrate it in a seamless and organic way. Your environment can have a significant impact on your productivity and creativity, so establish an aesthetically pleasing environment that also creates a frictionless user experience. 

To help users re-enter the office, we have worked closely with key furniture manufacturers that provide effective solutions that not only consider the end user, but the organization as a whole.

Conference rooms

Salamander Design

Salamander Design offers unique furniture that enhances the user experience in conference spaces. With high-quality framing for display mounting and custom cabinetry for equipment storage, Salamander Design helps you deploy your conference rooms without a mess of cables crowding the room. They also offer conference tables ideal for video conferencing and height-adjustable mounts and stands that are perfect for a flexible environment using Zoom Rooms for Touch or our Companion Whiteboard feature.

Open areas & modular flexibility


Informed by extensive research about what people want and need in their workplaces, Steelcase offers a wide variety of workspace solutions designed to fit modern-day worker needs. Steelcase designs, manufactures, and partners with other leading organizations to offer a range of seating, desking, conferencing, architecture, and worktool solutions, all designed to create highly flexible and dynamic collaboration spaces.

Carts, stands & enclosures


Heckler and Zoom have collaborated together since 2016, with Heckler’s initial Zoom Rooms hardware solutions, including beautifully-designed iPad controller stands and scheduler mounts. 

Over the years, Heckler’s product portfolio has grown to include high-end, industrial-strength carts and credenzas for the conference room. Heckler has defined itself by creating numerous innovations for the conference room space, including leveraging French cleats for easy swapping of pre-built Zoom Rooms. Heckler AV Credenzas enable an IT leader’s dream deployment — an environment where complete systems can be built and commissioned offsite and easily installed by connecting to displays, microphones, and speakers. With Heckler AV Credenzas, IT staff can solve technical issues quickly and easily by swapping in a spare system while troubleshooting one in another area, resulting in minimal downtime. 

Heckler also offers laptop stands and desktop systems that optimize desktop layouts and offer a wide variety of camera mounts and shelving, which helps support ease of integration.

Urben Tech

Urben Tech provides display enclosures that capture the look of a modern space. They provide a flexible layout for any conference room, with up to three screens and any size, offering solutions that fit the needs of their customers. Urben Tech also provides integrated enclosures for not only these displays, but appliances, camera systems, and speakers as well. This furniture manufacturer offers a floor stand for the DTEN ME, which can be used to support reception areas, as it allows multiple visitors to check in with a 27” Zoom Rooms unit configured as a virtual receptionist.


Zoom has partnered with modular workspace designer ROOM to create a turn-key video conference space purpose-built for the new hybrid workplace. ROOM set out to launch an affordable alternative to complex construction with modular architectural solutions that allow teams to create and recreate their work environments with ease. The new Room for Zoom launches today on ROOM’s website, which pairs ROOM’s best-selling flexibly-designed single-person office, The Focus Room, which installs in less than a few hours with minimal disruption and downtime, with the HP Collaboration G6 27” All-In-One touchscreen embedded with Zoom Rooms software, paired with the Logitech Brio webcam and built-in LED lightstrips for optimal video-conference lighting.

Create your ideal office

To learn more about how to incorporate these solutions into your office setup and create a beautiful and effective space, visit our support page. 

By: Ty Buell
Title: Furniture Can Actually Impact How You Collaborate: Here’s How to Optimize Your Space
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/furniture-impact-how-you-collaborate-how-to-optimize-your-space/
Published Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2021 21:00:00 +0000

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