5 Reasons Zoom’s Immersive View is Bringing People Together Better 

 April 30, 2021

By  Scott

Have you checked out Zoom’s Immersive View yet? Immersive View assembles up to 25 participants into a single virtual “scene,” and it’s one of the simplest ways to create a fun, cohesive, and collaborative virtual space for your meeting or webinar.

Here are five unique things about Zoom’s Immersive View that make it a flexible, fun, and secure way to enhance your virtual meeting experience:

Use it for any meeting: There are no minimum participant requirements to start Zoom’s Immersive View so you can support all types of meetings. Hosting a fireside chat? Conducting a virtual interview? No problem! You can choose a scene before anyone joins – and set the tone – as soon as the meeting (or webinar!) begins.Customize, customize, customize! While we offer several preloaded scene options, the scene game in Zoom Immersive View is entirely customizable. Just click “Immersive,” then “+” to upload your custom scene or select “Use my video as the Immersive View” to bring participants into your virtual background.There’s no scene-stealing: Only the host of the meeting can change the Immersive View scene, preventing others from changing it and disrupting the meeting.Organize the room: You can flexibly move participants around the scene, which is great for seating charts and other ordering needs. For ultimate control over your virtual meeting space, you can also disable the auto-population and place participants into the scene manually.Size everyone up in your custom scene: As the host, you can resize participants to better fit into your custom scene, make more room for late arrivals, or just level-set the meeting. 

Ready to get immersive with Zoom? Update to at least Zoom 5.6.3 on your Windows or MacOS desktop clients and start collaborating better today. For additional details on Immersive Scenes, check out our support article. 

By: Nitasha Walia
Title: 5 Reasons Zoom’s Immersive View is Bringing People Together Better
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-immersive-view-bringing-people-together-better/
Published Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 13:00:00 +0000

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