5 Essential Zoom Phone Integrations for SMBs 

July 29, 2021

Integrations enable individual applications that are designed for their unique purposes to work with one another seamlessly. In a recent webinar titled “5 Essential Zoom Phone Integrations for SMBs,” we explained how Zoom Phone integrates with popular applications such as Salesforce, Google, Slack, and more, through open standards and APIs, enhancing the capabilities of those applications.

Increase business efficiency via integrations

Zoom Phone integrations bring the rich features of our cloud telephony solution, such as call transfer, call forwarding, voicemail, call recording, call blocking, and more, directly into your favorite apps and services.  

Zoom Phone integrations help increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction, reduce workflow friction, and increase overall business efficiency. Using Zoom Phone APIs, Zoom customers can build integrations to their exact needs and specifications. Zoom Phone APIs are available to all business and enterprise accounts. For small and medium-sized businesses, tailored solutions appropriate for a smaller scale company — like highly personalized customer service — lead to enhanced customer experiences and better business outcomes.  

How can Zoom Phone integrations help your business? Here are some popular application integration that will elevate your business efficiency:

1) Zoom for Salesforce

Zoom’s Salesforce integration reduces time and effort by enabling you to make and receive calls directly within Salesforce. You can view and manage call logs, playback voicemail, and call recordings, and support high-velocity sales. By embedding these phone features directly in the Salesforce application, your team can connect quickly with leads, improving efficiency. 

One extremely useful feature is ‘click-to-call.’ Instead of toggling back and forth between multiple windows or a desktop screen and phone, click-to-call enables communication to happen in context. That helps your employees spend more time closing deals and servicing clients and less time switching between apps or correcting misdials. 

2) Microsoft Teams 

Zoom app for Teams is great for small and medium-sized businesses juggling several different communication platforms or for those who are looking to add high-quality cloud-based phone functionalities to their existing systems. 

With Zoom Phone’s Microsoft Teams integration, you can seamlessly incorporate Zoom Phone and Zoom Meetings into your existing Teams workflow. You’re able to initiate high-quality phone calls with contacts directly from chat and external numbers via the Microsoft Teams integration and simplify user provisioning through Azure Active Directory integration. 

With the Microsoft Teams integration, you can make Zoom Phone calls without ever leaving the Teams app. To place a call from a 1:1 chat, click the Zoom icon located beneath the text box, select “Make a call,” and follow the prompts. You can also place calls from a group chat or channel — simply search for the specific member before you click the Zoom icon. In a channel with a bot? Zoom automatically lists all of the contacts eligible for Zoom Phone calls when you select “Make a call.” You can also use the dial pad to make external calls, view dialing history, and search for contacts.

The integration can be directly pinned to the app bar in Teams — making it even easier to place a Zoom Phone call. 

3) Google Workspace

The Google Workspace integration streamlines work for small and medium-sized businesses. With this integration, you can call contacts, event attendees, and external numbers directly from Gmail and Google Calendar. 

This integration simplifies the administration of Zoom Phone to your whole organization with one centralized deployment and an easy installation process. To place a Zoom Phone call from Google Workspace, click on the Zoom icon and search for the contact you wish to call (or use the dial pad). 

Zoom Phone for Google Workspace also makes it easy to quickly call attendees of a specific meeting or recipients of a specific email. Simply open the individual event from your Google calendar, or email from your Gmail inbox. The contact information for attendee or recipient lists will automatically populate.

4) Slack

The Slack integration enables you to start a Zoom Phone call from any Slack chat, channel, or group message. All you have to do to place a call is enter a slash command.

When the ‘/zoom call’ is entered in the Slack message box, the Zoom app presents you with a ‘Call’ button to dial out to your chosen contact via Zoom Phone. Yet another way to expand Slack functionality for small and medium-sized businesses!

5) Gong for Zoom Phone

Any small business that spends lots of time connecting with customers knows how critical it is to record, review, and analyze calls, whether it’s for future training, archives, or simply for documentation.

Gong’s call transcription software integrates with Zoom Phone to record, transcribe, and analyze calls to help you gain insight into your team and customers. This can help improve performance and keep your team on top of their game.

Zoom Phone’s Gong integration helps your team collaborate, provide feedback, and work together to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

Integrate with Zoom Phone

Zoom Phone is here to support your organization as you work to streamline your business functions. Check out our full list of Zoom Phone integrations to see how you can increase customer satisfaction and overall business efficiency, or start building your customized solutions with Zoom Phone’s comprehensive set of APIs.

Ready to start simplifying your operations with Zoom Phone? Contact a Zoom product specialist today.

By: Lindsey Pendleton
Title: 5 Essential Zoom Phone Integrations for SMBs
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/5-essential-zoom-phone-integrations/
Published Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2021 20:45:00 +0000

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