Zoom Rooms Whiteboard Solutions For Hybrid Work and Learning 

July 1, 2021

One of the cool things about whiteboarding is the magic that can happen through collaboration. As more of our work meetings and school classes mix in-person and virtual participants, real-time collaboration isn’t always as seamless for everyone.

Zoom’s whiteboarding feature makes instant collaboration possible from Zoom’s desktop and mobile apps, but did you know you can further support hybrid teams with whiteboarding functionality in Zoom Rooms? Our Zoom Rooms solutions bring together virtual and in-person participants so they can effectively collaborate together, no matter where they are. 

Here are a few ways you can blend Zoom’s digital and traditional whiteboarding solutions to support all the ways – and places – people collaborate.

Digital whiteboarding

Zoom Rooms provide a quality whiteboard experience for any participant. With one touch to start a meeting and an intuitive user interface on the meeting controller, anyone can start a local whiteboard session or collaborative Zoom meeting, regardless of their tech proficiency!

With Zoom Rooms, there are two simple ways to add a digital whiteboard experience to your conference room or classroom – Zoom Rooms for Touch and Companion Whiteboard.

Zoom Rooms for Touch

When you don’t have an existing video conferencing solution in a room, consider Zoom Rooms for Touch for your whiteboard needs. These 55-inch (or bigger) touchscreen appliances from hardware partners such as Neat, DTEN, Aver, Avocor, and others, feature an integrated camera, speaker, and microphone while leveraging the feature-rich Zoom Rooms platform to provide all of Zoom’s amazing meeting capabilities. You can also get the same experience by connecting any USB touchscreen display to a Windows-based Zoom Rooms PC. 

Whether in a Zoom Meeting or not, you can start a new whiteboard, or annotate on top of wirelessly shared content from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Our smart recognition feature on Zoom Rooms for Touch will also auto-convert drawings into smooth shapes!

Companion Whiteboard

Already have an existing Zoom Room and looking to add whiteboarding capabilities? Try a Companion Whiteboard, which doesn’t require any additional licensing. As long as you have power and a network connection to any Zoom Rooms for Touch device, simply tap the screen to start a local whiteboard session or a digital whiteboard session over Zoom.

Companion Whiteboard is also helpful in a large Zoom Room when you want to collaborate from an interactive display in another part of the room. Any shared content in the Zoom Rooms will also show on the Companion Whiteboard to provide a more immersive content experience. We have even seen our customers put the Companion Whiteboard on a cart so they can move it around the classroom or conference space! 

Traditional whiteboarding

Zoom Rooms can also digitize your analog whiteboards to an intelligible format via virtual meeting. This allows you to add a real-world whiteboard experience by simply adding a dedicated whiteboard camera to the room, so you can quickly turn your in-person classroom or conference room into a hybrid environment.

Here are four whiteboard camera solutions for your Zoom Rooms from a few of our hardware partners that blend physical and digital tools for a sleek hybrid whiteboard experience.

Logitech Scribe

Logitech Scribe is an AI-powered camera that is built to bring a physical whiteboard into a virtual Zoom Meeting. Scribe comes with a physical button that you can stick anywhere in the room and press to start the whiteboard session in a Zoom Room. This provides an easy way to bring your whiteboard session into Zoom. It will automatically detect your sticky notes, too!

Huddly Canvas

Supporting whiteboard sizes up to 6 feet by 4 feet, the Huddly Canvas whiteboard camera solution can hide thepresenter’s hand from the image to keep the audience focused on the content. In addition, it uses AI to enhance the image quality so that the whiteboard content is nice and crisp.

Jabra Panacast 50

Jabra’s Panacast 50 solution features three cameras that capture a 180-degree view of the room. It also features four speakers and a microphone, so you have all the audio and video built right in. The Panacast 50’s streaming functionality digitally captures whiteboard content from any side of the room and automatically adjusts the image to bring a crystal-clear whiteboard right into your Zoom session.

HoverCam eGlass 

The HoverCam eGlass puts interactive content in between the presenter and in-person participants. Similar to Zoom’s sharing slides as a virtual background feature, the eGlass system uses a transparent lightboard system so you can easily present while maintaining eye contact with both in-person and virtual audiences! 

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At Zoom, we are proud to provide reliable technology that helps people connect and collaborate from wherever they are. To learn more about how Zoom Rooms can support hybrid collaboration, connect with a Zoom product expert to schedule a demo today!

By: JayJay Kim
Title: Zoom Rooms Whiteboard Solutions For Hybrid Work and Learning
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-rooms-whiteboard-solutions-hybrid-work-and-learning/
Published Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 17:33:04 +0000

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