Zoom Releases Simpler, Clearer Privacy Statement 

June 4, 2021

At Zoom, we know that a broad range of people rely on our platform to stay connected, and we take users’ privacy extremely seriously. We are always working hard to enhance the Zoom experience, improve privacy and security, and make information about our platform clear and understandable. 

As part of our commitment to transparency, today we rolled out an updated privacy statement. This update builds on our current privacy practices and provides more detail and transparency in the areas that matter most to our users.

We encourage everyone to read the updated statement. These are some changes you can expect to see: 

We redesigned the privacy statement to be simpler and clearer. We recognize that as Zoom has expanded, we have shifted from a primarily enterprise-focused product to one that is also used broadly by individuals for a wide variety of interactions. Our goal in updating the privacy statement was to make our practices easier to understand for all our users. We reinforced that Zoom employees do not access meeting, webinar, or message content when people use Zoom, unless our customers ask us to do so or we’re required to do so for legal, safety, or security reasons. This has long been our policy, and we have strong internal protocols to enforce it.We added more detail about who can see, save, and share content and information when people use Zoom. Zoom customers and users decide when content is recorded and whether to share it with third-party apps or others. Particularly given the upcoming launch of Zoom Apps, we want users to understand who has access to their information when they use Zoom, such as when you, other participants, or the account owner choose to install apps in meetings. We added more detail about the types of information Zoom collects from people’s devices (such as about users’ product interactions, device attributes, contacts and calendar integrations, and information from partners), and more information about how we share that data in order to optimize the Zoom experience for our users and to market and promote services. We clarified Zoom’s use of automated tools to protect people’s safety, such as using PhotoDNA to detect and prevent child exploitation imagery from being shared on Zoom — an industry standard practice.

We are continually working to enhance security and privacy on our platform. For example, we made our new end-to-end encryption feature available to all free and paid users late last year, rolled out additional privacy features and tools earlier this year, and recently introduced in-product privacy notifications designed to help users understand in context who can see, save, and share meeting content and user information.  

For additional information about Zoom’s privacy practices, visit our Trust Center, a one-stop shop for resources about Zoom compliance, privacy, safety, and security. Our blog and Help Center are also useful resources.

By: Lynn Haaland
Title: Zoom Releases Simpler, Clearer Privacy Statement
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/updated-zoom-privacy-statement/
Published Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2021 17:19:02 +0000

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