Zoom Recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year for 2020 

February 12, 2021

We are pleased to announce that analyst firm Frost & Sullivan has recognized Zoom with its 2020 Company of the Year Award, honoring Zoom’s dedication to providing customers with innovative solutions that drive growth and deliver new capabilities. 

Frost & Sullivan issues this award to companies in the connected work industry that exemplify visionary innovation, market-leading performance, and unmatched customer care. The firm recognized Zoom as its Company of the Year for its success in these areas:

Addressing unmet needsContinued innovationLeadership focusFinancial performanceBrand equity

Here’s what the analysts at Frost & Sullivan had to say about its Company of the Year: 

Addressing unmet needs

Frost & Sullivan notes that we work with our customers and collaborators around the globe to reduce the complexity that has plagued video communications and solve their most pressing communication challenges, whether it be video, phone, webinar, or chat.

“Zoom’s exponential adoption proves the company’s effectiveness in providing timely solutions to existing customer pain points, as well as accurately anticipating future customer demands.”

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award report © 2020

Continued innovation

With new offerings like OnZoom, Zoom for Home, and Hardware as a Service, and the development of seamless integrations with popular business applications, we are continuing to give our customers the capabilities and functionality they need to accomplish their business objectives. Zoom is not just a product or service, it is a communications and collaboration platform.

“Zoom’s popularity and high usage rates stem from the company’s ability to consistently recognize and address changing market demands in a timely manner. Continued success has not compelled Zoom to rest on its laurels.” 

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award report © 2020

Leadership focus

The need for reliable, intuitive video communications has exploded over the last year with the arrival of COVID-19, and Frost & Sullivan recognized our commitment to supporting our communities during this unprecedented time. To ensure education could continue unimpeded, we lifted the time limit for our education customers and provided Zoom to over 125,000 K-12 schools for free. Frost & Sullivan also mentioned our commitment to nonprofits via our discount program, Zoom for Nonprofits, as well as our philanthropic program Zoom Cares. 

“In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom leadership quickly saw the urgency to help those in need of engaging collaboration services available wherever people are located. Accordingly, the company lifted the time restriction for Meetings sessions for its education users, among other actions, to ensure working and learning from anywhere take place with fewer limitations.”

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award report © 2020

Financial performance

Frost & Sullivan also mentioned Zoom’s financial performance as an important factor in their choice for Company of the Year, as the recent shift toward remote work and distance learning has propelled Zoom to a record year.

“Due to its freely available service options and intuitive licensing model, combined with ease of use and streamlined onboarding, Zoom’s portfolio has become ubiquitously adopted and continues to keep people connected worldwide.” 

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award report © 2020

Brand equity 

According to the report, our platform’s ease of use, flexible pricing structure, and enhanced functionality has resulted in a strong customer following. We’re also seeing continued expansion within our existing accounts as customers invest in other Zoom solutions, such as Zoom Phone, Zoom Chat, Zoom Video Webinars, and Zoom Rooms, to create a unified communications platform they can count on. 

“Customers perceive the Zoom brand positively and exhibit high brand loyalty. Ease of use, free or affordable and engaging functionality have exposed Zoom services to multiple millions of professionals and students worldwide to ‘Zoom’ at home, in the classroom, for work, and in their personal lives. Now firmly established with worldwide brand recognition, Zoom conferencing has become the de-facto benchmark experience in the business collaboration market.” 

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award report © 2020

dditional recognition

Zoom was recognized by Frost & Sullivan for the Company of the Year Award in the Asia-Pacific region as part of our growing presence and performance in that market. We also received the Enabling Technology Leadership Award for the Global Video and India segments for our ability to leverage available resources to increase value and evolve quickly while creating a profound impact on our customers and their businesses. 

For more information on Zoom and the Company of the Year Award, please read Frost & Sullivan’s report.

By: Gary Chesnutis
Title: Zoom Recognized as Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year for 2020
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-recognized-as-frost-sullivans-company-of-the-year-2020/
Published Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2021 20:30:24 +0000

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