Zoom For Home – Empowering More Businesses and Schools 

 August 1, 2020

By  Scott

The pandemic has forced businesses to switch to remote work and schools to offer more distance learning classes.

This means that business owners and educators, must have the tools and software necessary for the very best communication technology to overcome these new challenges.

The system needs to be as easy to set up as possible so anyone can do it and Zoom has just launched Zoom for Home to help with these ever growing needs.

The first Zoom for Home device is the Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, an all-in-one personal collaboration device that will be available for $599. Zoom Meetings and Zoom Phone users can easily log in to the Zoom for Home – DTEN ME for one-touch video meetings, crystal clear phone calls, seamless content sharing, interactive whiteboarding, and co-annotation. The 27-inch, all-in-one device includes 3 built-in smart cameras for video, an 8-microphone array, and an ultra-responsive touch display that can also serve as a second monitor. Setup is simple, and it works right out of the box to create an immersive and productive workspace. Zoom for Home – DTEN ME is available for pre-order today and is expected to ship in the U.S. in August 2020.

Zoom Rooms Appliances, including hardware solutions from Neat and Poly, allowing users to select the hardware they need to create the perfect work-from-home communications experience across spaces such as living rooms.

Included with Zoom Meetings:

Log in to a Zoom for Home compatible device with a Zoom user account to instantly create immersive office experiences without additional licenses (Zoom for Home is available with all Zoom Meeting licenses, including Basic).

Always ready: Easily start ad-hoc or scheduled meetings, virtually collaborate with content sharing and annotation, and make and receive phone calls (Zoom Phone license needed).

Personalization: Syncs with the user’s calendar, status, meeting settings, and phone for an integrated video-first unified communications experience.

Flexible management options: Zoom for Home devices can be set up to be IT-managed remotely through the admin portal or self-managed by the end user.

Purpose-built devices: Ensures hardware is designed specifically for simplified setup with little to no IT support, optimized for desk setups, and meets the price point for a home office setup.

This new hardware and software empowers employees, educators and IT admins to enhance productivity, teach more effectively and manage devices as we move into this new era of communication technology.

Read the original article here: https://blog.zoom.us/zoom-for-home-empower-remote-workers/

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