Zoom Completes IRAP Assessment — How This Helps Our Australian Customers 

November 13, 2022

Effective communication knows no borders.

Around the globe, modern organisations are discovering what sufficient security really looks like in the age of virtual communication, and what steps they need to take to safeguard information. Oftentimes, these efforts are guided by a country’s government, as agencies will work to establish security standards to help companies understand what effective protection looks like.

Australia is no exception. The Australian Signals Directorate created a program for businesses to assess security effectiveness, the Infosec Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). Under the IRAP program, registered assessors measure how a technology provider’s security controls stack up against a standardised set of security controls that form a baseline of security requirements for the Australian public sector.

And now, we at Zoom have joined the ranks of technology providers assessed under the terms of the IRAP program.

Committed to the right controls

When assessed against IRAP’s framework, we demonstrated that we provide the necessary controls for customers hoping to achieve effective security based on two sets of guidelines:

The Information Security Manual: Guidelines focused on helping organisations build internal security frameworks based on risk assessment.The Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF): A set of core requirements that apply to Australian government agencies that emphasise common security standards.A successful IRAP assessment not only validates the relevance of our security controls but also helps customers make a risk-informed decision when using the Zoom platform.

This achievement adds to our list of internationally-recognised attestations and authorisations across the globe.

Providing the public with flexible services

Government agencies and public sector organisations can use our platform to develop the modern, video-led services that their citizens and employees crave. Successfully implementing this technology could help usher in a new era of modernisation that’s characterised by increased access to public services, constituent engagement, and more.

Take telehealth, for example. The Department of Health has recently expanded Australians’ access to telehealth — a precursor to what’s possible in telemedicine now that people are accustomed to interacting remotely with health services. Not only do citizens get more immediate access to care, but providers can trim costs as well. A survey from Juniper Research projects that teleconsultation services will save the global healthcare industry $21 billion in costs by 2025.

Secure communications technology can also make a big difference in the education industry — starting with remote areas with low access to quality resources. The NSW government calls this the Rural Access Gap, and the right solutions can help bring newfound flexibility and efficiency to online school, helping those located in remote locations easily attain access to education.

Built on trust

The benefits of the IRAP assessment extend beyond the public sector to organizations that do business with governments in either a service or product provision capacity, including banking and insurance services and those who interact directly or indirectly with those organisations.

As we continue to evolve our security program here at Zoom, third-party assessments like IRAP will be an increasingly critical component of our mission to create a secure platform built on trust.

Want to learn more about our certifications and attestations? Visit our Trust Center.

By: Michael Chetner
Title: Zoom Completes IRAP Assessment — How This Helps Our Australian Customers
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-completes-irap-assessment/
Published Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 22:00:00 +0000

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