Zoom Again the Top Video Conferencing App in Okta’s Businesses at Work Report 

February 14, 2021

We’re also a top workplace app overall and the fastest-growing app in EMEA, according to the report

Zoom is once again the top video conferencing app in the workplace, according to Okta’s 2021 Businesses at Work Report.

Okta just released its annual Businesses at Work Report, which provides an in-depth look into how organizations and people work today, and breaks down the latest trends across workforces.

Zoom was by far the preferred enterprise video conferencing app for the second straight year, and also continued its momentum from the 2020 report as one of the most popular workplace apps overall. Deployment of Zoom grew over 45% between March and October of last year.

Source: Okta 2021 Businesses at Work Report

According to the report, Zoom was also the:

5th most popular app by number of customers, up two spots from a year ago

Punctuated by an impressive 64% year-over-year growth, the report says: “With growth, driven in part by the global move to remote work, Zoom surged … to claim fifth place — especially impressive considering this is only Zoom’s third year as a most popular app by number of customers.” 

6th most popular app by number of monthly active unique users, up eight spots from a year ago

“Zoom, which had only joined the top apps by unique users for the first time in 2019, ended this current data period in sixth place. In our Businesses @ Work (from Home) report in April, when we highlighted apps that had seen significant growth in numbers of corporate and personal users in March, Zoom was our fastest-growing app by number of unique users. While unique users dipped a bit over summer, by the end of September they were reaching new highs, likely related to Zoom’s extensive efforts to support distance learning.”

Fastest-growing app in EMEA 

Zoom saw 86% growth in number of customers, and 227% growth in unique users in the EMEA region in 2020.

Source: Okta 2021 Businesses at Work Report

dditional insights

Okta’s annual report also highlighted several trends that have changed how we think about the workplace:

The workplace is increasingly ‘best of-breed’

“Microsoft Teams comes standard with the Microsoft 365 Business Basic subscription, but during a global shift to video meetings, video classes, and video cocktail hours, companies increasingly dialed in to Zoom. Over 42% of Okta’s Microsoft 365 customers now also deploy Zoom, a jump of more than 10 percentage points over the previous year.“

Source: Okta 2021 Businesses at Work Report

Zoom became a household name

“Looking at the number of customers, we see a strong inflection point between February and March for both Zoom and Cisco Webex. Deployment of Zoom grew over 45% between March and October, while Webex grew 15% and RingCentral grew 18% during this same period. But 2020 will be remembered as the ‘year Zoom became a household name.’

“While Zoom had more customers than Webex as of February 2018, Zoom had less active unique users than Webex until March 2020, at which point Zoom’s unique user growth rapidly passed Webex and remained higher.”

Businesses are built on apps

“The average number of apps deployed per customer has risen steadily across all industries and company sizes, for a combined growth of 22% over the past four years. This year, the average number of apps per customer remains at 88.”

Remote work is here to stay

“While this year gave remote work a dramatic boost, we think the future of work is dynamic. This translates to a global workforce, in widely distributed locations, working wherever, whenever, and however they want. Gartner predicts ‘48% of employees at large enterprises will work remotely at least some of the time after the pandemic, a significant increase over the 30% of employees who worked remotely at least some of the time prior to the pandemic.’ ”

Learn more

Check out the full Businesses as Work Report from Okta for a closer look at how modern organizations are getting their work done. Or schedule a personalized demo to learn how Zoom can unify and elevate your business communications today!

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Title: Zoom Again the Top Video Conferencing App in Okta’s Businesses at Work Report
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