Work Better Together with Zoom Team Chat 

October 4, 2022

By empowering the quick and efficient exchange of important messages and resources, workspace chat solutions are quickly becoming the foundation for communications. And with a chat product that’s part of a unified communications platform, you can further empower your teams to get more done together while avoiding the dreaded “toggle tax.”

We recently announced an expansion and evolution of Zoom Team Chat. We’re excited to share some updates to Team Chat to help your teams fully leverage the Zoom platform and get more done together!

voiding the ‘Toggle Tax’

The modern organization has a wide range of tools to assist in its day-to-day communications and engage with customers.

According to a recent report from Harvard Business Review, the average worker spends a staggering amount of time switching between applications. Researchers found that the average worker toggles between different apps and websites nearly 1,200 times a day, spending up to four hours a week reorienting themselves after switching to a new application.

This “toggle tax” adds up — over the course of a year, it adds up to five working weeks or 9% of an employee’s annual time at work! While switching between apps and websites is an unavoidable part of the average day, business leaders need to take every opportunity they can to cut down on the dreaded toggle tax and give time back to their employees.

So imagine the possibilities if you could access all of your communication solutions from a single application. That’s the value of the Zoom platform.

Streamline your workday with Zoom Team Chat

Zoom Team Chat gives you a toggle tax break and streamlines your workday! An enterprise-grade chat hub with a range of features that save time and enhance collaboration, Team Chat can actually help you and your teams work better. Here are just a few of the ways Team Chat can improve how you connect and collaborate:

It streamlines daily communications

Need to share an important design and the context behind it with a colleague? Don’t break focus by signing into your email account and drafting an email — simply pop into Team Chat, type up a message, attach the file at the click of a button, and hit send!

It’s part of the Zoom platform

Access Zoom Team Chat alongside enterprise-grade phone, whiteboard, and video meeting products in one Zoom application. And the best part? Team Chat is directly integrated into our Zoom ecosystem of products, and comes at no extra cost with a Zoom One license! That means you can share Zoom whiteboards with other users and groups, start a Zoom Meeting, add contacts, and more, all within Zoom Team Chat.

It integrates with tools you already use

Back your Zoom Team Chat channels with Box or Sharepoint to store files, documents, and content with your existing cloud storage solution. Collaborate on files in real-time to increase productivity and stay proactive on projects. You can even use the Mio Zoom Team Chat integration to chat directly with coworkers who use a different chat solution!

New Zoom Team Chat updates

Here are some exciting new Team Chat updates this month that we’d like to share with you, including the addition of apps, the ability to share an in-meeting chat to Team Chat, and more!

New apps in Zoom Team Chat

New integration with Jira

We’ve added a new integration with Jira, a proprietary issue tracking and work management solution, to help you view, create, and update Jira issues directly from Zoom Team Chat. Save valuable time by avoiding the need to switch between applications or manually share text. Add the Jira app today!

ServiceNow Virtual Agent

Give your teams the ability to self-serve and address IT issues on the fly with our new ServiceNow Virtual Agent. This integration enables you to interact with the ServiceNow bot to create tickets, check the status of a ticket, and take action directly from Zoom Team Chat. The ServiceNow Virtual Agent also helps users quickly get the IT support they need, so they can spend more time focusing on getting work done. Learn more by reading the announcement blog, or visit the Zoom Marketplace to get started.

Better collaboration before and after a meeting

Share in-meeting chat to Zoom Team Chat

Carry the momentum and energy from your Zoom Meeting right into your out-of-meeting chats with the ability to take your in-meeting chat conversations to a Zoom Team Chat conversation or channel. The meeting host simply shares the in-meeting chat to the appropriate Team Chat conversation or channel.

Respond in chat to an incoming meeting

Receiving a lot of ad-hoc meet invites when you’re busy with another task? This feature helps you politely decline ad-hoc meeting invites when you’re busy by enabling you to quickly message the person inviting you to the meeting to let them know you’re busy or that you will call them back later.

Simple, effective communications on your schedule

Meet better with enhanced profile cards

With so many employees and teams across an organization, sometimes it can be difficult to find important employee information, such as where a person is located, their working hours, and their title. Quickly view a contact’s profile card in Team Chat to easily find important employee information!

Set a reminder on messages

Never forget to respond to a message again with reminders in Zoom Team Chat! This helps ensure that you’ll get a nudge to respond to those important messages when you’ve got your hands full and help you organize your day-to-day tasks.

Starting chatting today

To learn more about all of these recent Zoom Team Chat enhancements and more, join us for a special webinar titled, “New Ways to Collaborate with Zoom Team Chat”. Register here!

By: David Ball
Title: Work Better Together with Zoom Team Chat
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