Thank You For ‘Exploring New Dimensions’ at Zoomtopia 2022! 

November 10, 2022

From all of us here at Zoom – THANK YOU! Thank you for making Zoomtopia 2022, our first hybrid event experience, a one-of-a-kind celebration of our customers. We’re constantly inspired by the innovative ways you use Zoom to improve connection, empower teams, and transform the way you work.

The theme was “Explore New Dimensions,” and we hope the content, speakers, and overall vibe helped spark fresh ideas about what business communications can be.

We want to extend a special thanks to our wonderful and inspiring guests:

Writer, actress, and our event host Alex Borstein, who thought hosting a “Zoom event” meant she didn’t have to wear pants.Musical guests Nelly, Yola, and Lawrence, who performed for in-person guests at our epic Celebration of Happiness party.ServiceNow COO CJ Desai, who joined Zoom founder and CEO Eric S. Yuan on stage to announce an expanded partnership between Zoom + ServiceNow to help transform customer and employee experiences.Enrique Lores, president and CEO of HP Inc., who shared during a fireside chat with Eric how he learned that “no matter how much you like something you’ve done, … if there is a better way of doing it, you need to embrace it or someone else will.”Featured keynote speaker Timbaland, who shared anecdotes from his iconic music career, tips for overcoming rejection, and the power of Zoom for giving back to the world. He also made a surprise appearance at the Celebrate of Happiness to perform a few of his hits!Timbaland joins Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan on stage at Zoomtopia 2022 in San Jose, California.

“Sometimes the ‘no’ makes you stronger. ‘No’ makes you realize who you are and what you’re capable of.”


We also want to thank all the Zoomies who worked hard to make it all happen. A hybrid event is no small undertaking, and we couldn’t be more proud to successfully pull off hybrid using our own platform – Zoom Events.

But most importantly, thank YOU, for joining us in San Jose, for joining us virtually, and for trusting Zoom to help you connect and collaborate in new ways. It means the world to us, and our great customers and partners are the reason we do what we do.

During the opening Vision and Product Keynote, Eric mentioned that this year alone, Zoom has built and launched over 1,500 features and enhancements. It’s an incredible stat. But he also said this:

“Start by remembering that people aren’t workers. We’re humans who work. That may seem like a small difference, but it’s at the heart of all that we do at Zoom.”

Zoomtopia is our flagship event where we announce a ton of new Zoom platform innovations to help advance the way people connect. But technology isn’t our North Star. People are. We strive to build next-generation technology for real people doing the work.

Here are some of the highlights from Zoomtopia 2022, including new innovations to help you elevate your work, partnerships to improve the experiences for your customers and employees, and key takeaways to give you the confidence to navigate the modern work landscape. All focused on helping humans unlock their full potential.

The virtual component of Zoomtopia 2022 in the Zoom Events Lobby.

Collaboration for the modern workforce

Get email and calendar right in the Zoom app

When you bring your email and calendar into Zoom, you can move quickly and seamlessly from email to a video meeting, elevate a chat message to a phone call, and collaborate on projects without ever leaving the Zoom app. We’ve also got native Zoom mail and calendar services on tap for you. Beta coming soon

Meet virtually – without a meeting

You might think of Zoom Spots as a virtual coworking space, where remote teams can be together when they can’t physically be together. Coming in early 2023

Stay connected and collaborative on chat

Coming soon, keep your in-meeting chat conversations going in a group Team Chat dedicated to the meeting. Also coming next year:

Enable greater inclusivity with Team Chat translationsChat message schedulingExpanded integration of Zoom Phone and Team Chat to enhance support processes

Enhanced video power

Sift through your recordings faster

Make meeting recordings more consumable with summaries, next steps, and smart chapters with Smart Recordings, so you can quickly jump to the moments that matter and take action. Available now

Create quick videos

With Video Clips, quickly create videos with the ability to narrate and record yourself sharing your screen, and share them with teammates to communicate on projects. Coming soon

Get out-of-the-box meeting settings

Easily customize different types of meetings, such as training sessions or all-hands meetings, with Meeting Templates. These templates will automatically configure the right settings for your meetings. Coming soon

Did you know that before 2020, the World Economic Forum (WEF) did not have any digital event strategy for its more than 500 annual meetings? And that after its digital partnership with Zoom, they now have 2x the membership globally? Check out Zoom Global CIO Gary Sorrentino’s talk with the WEF leaders Malte Godberson and David Cohen during the session “World Economic Forum: How Hybrid Can Create Impact.”Zoom Global CIO Gary Sorrentino (left) leads the discussion during the “World Economic Forum: How Hybrid Can Create Impact” session at Zoomtopia 2022.

Workspace solutions that enable hybrid teams

Book the best seat

When booking a room or desk in an office, Workspace Reservation Smart Suggestions will help you decide where to sit and what days to come into the office based on whom you have been working with, where you normally sit, and where your team sits. Coming soon

Get the best room view – automatically

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best video stream of conference room meeting participants with Intelligent Director (private beta). The AI-driven, multi-camera technology solution also automatically adjusts for participants as they move. Expected to be available later this year

Add a whiteboard

With Companion Whiteboard, seamlessly pair your whiteboard with Zoom Rooms to add and share Zoom Whiteboard capabilities in the meeting. Coming soon

Bring Zoom into more rooms

With Zoom Interop for Google Meet, join a Google Meet meeting from a Zoom Room and vice versa. Expected to be available later this year

Customer experience gets a makeover

Leverage the power of an AI chatbot

Zoom Virtual Agent is a conversational AI and chatbot solution that interprets what your customers are asking, regardless of how they happen to word their questions, then provides instant, accurate responses – by tapping into your knowledge bases, FAQs, and other data sources – and intelligently guides your customers to the right resolution or the right agent. Expected to be available early next year

Automate coaching for your sellers

The Virtual Coachfrom Zoom IQ for Sales will simulate a variety of selling situations to give sellers a practice environment to hone their pitch, obtain feedback, and receive real-time content tips for future calls with prospects. Coming soon

More ways to enhance your events

Raise the bar on your virtual and hybrid events

Look for Production Studio, Simulive, 1:1 networking, and many more updates to help you drive ROI through events, produce highly branded and professional content, and improve engagement. Coming soon

Optimize office bandwidth

Our own eCDN solution, Zoom Mesh, helps optimize network bandwidth. It doesn’t require any further components to be deployed and can be launched right from the Zoom client with minimal buffering, or delays while optimizing bandwidth. Available by the end of this year

The power of partnerships

Do more with ServiceNow + Zoom

Our strategic partnership with ServiceNow means you can do more with these two great solutions. CJ Desai, COO at ServiceNow, joined Eric on stage during the opening keynote to talk about our shared vision for delivering efficient employee and customer experiences and announced some new integrations:

Enable your agents to manage all their contact center interactions right from the ServiceNow app with Zoom Contact Center for ServiceNowKeep employees in the loop, provide them with internal support, and improve their overall experience with ServiceNow Employee Center for ZoomBring ticket collaboration capabilities directly into Zoom Team Chat with ServiceNow Collaboration Services Zoom App, so users receiving support never have to leave Zoom.

Join Zoom meetings from your Tesla

You can already take Zoom meetings on the go from your laptop, phone, or tablet. Soon, take your Zoom calls from the comfort of your Tesla. The Zoom integration for Tesla, announced at Zoomtopia, allows you to start or join Zoom meetings with the click of a button. Available on all new Tesla models soon

See the functionality of taking a Zoom meeting from your parked vehicle in this video:

Security enhancements for you

We’re striving to support an “always verify, never trust” mode of operating, which is why we’ve introduced additional security features designed to help add an additional layer of protection to your communications. We made several security announcements at Zoomtopia, including:

Zoom Mail Service’s end-to-end encryption feature, which is designed to enhance the privacy of your email communication. Beta coming soonEnhanced security for Zoom Phone voicemail with advanced encryption (beta). Once enabled, this makes it so voicemail messages are received and recorded by Zoom servers which encrypt them with keys only known to their intended recipients’ devices.Automatic updates for enterprises, which helps provide more options and flexibility for enterprise customers hoping to roll out Zoom updates automatically to their users.

dditional announcements

Enabling the builders of the world

During our first Developer Summit, we announced more ways to build to connect with expanded partnerships and Zoom Developer Platform enhancements. Some highlights:

Our work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is expanding. You can build an end-to-end solution using a containerized Zoom Meeting SDK with AWS data streaming and AI/ML services.Palo Alto Networks customers can easily incorporate Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) data into their existing infrastructure, providing seamless access to workload insights, and better network transparency. The upcoming launch of our Video SDK for Linux will allow you to extend what’s possible with your existing video SDK app on one of the best open-source platforms.

Celebrating our partners

The second day of our user conference also kicked off Zoomtopia Partner Connect, which celebrated our partners’ impact, unveiled new announcements, and provided insight into how we plan to double down on investments and scale programs. Highlights included:

Updates on our Zoom Up Partner ProgramOur plans to extend services and support through partnersA special partner panelPartner excellence awards

Making a global impact

“I’m happy to announce that we’re donating $5 million dollars of new funding to 20 grassroots organizations around the world, working tirelessly for their communities and our planet.” – Eric S. Yuan, announcing a new Zoom Cares donation during the Vision Keynote. Read our blog about the work these incredible organizations are doing around social inequity, climate disasters, pandemic-disrupted education, and youth mental health

Photo courtesy of CLIMA Fund

Catch sessions on demand!

Check out the on-demand sessions from this year’s Zoomtopia event to learn best practices, strategies, and real-life use cases to help you empower the anywhere workforce.

Thank you again! We hope to see you next year!

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