Reach New Audiences and Build Engaged Communities with Livestreaming from Zoom 

August 12, 2022

While many might think that livestreaming is just for gamers and social media influencers, it has fundamentally changed how entertainers, organizations, politicians, and many others connect with their communities and each other. Many part-time hobby streamers have even been able to turn their streaming channel into a full-time and rewarding business! 

With several successful streaming platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitch out there with new viewers tuning in each day, there is ample opportunity to expand the reach of your content and ideas. And with the ability to livestream directly from the Zoom platform, reaching new audiences has never been easier. 

Here are some ideas of the type of content you can livestream on Zoom (and a few pro tips to get you started!): 


Everyone has a favorite hobby — and there is a virtually endless number of hobbies for people to enjoy. Viewers often come to livestreaming platforms to watch others participate in their favorite hobby, learn about a new one, or even pick up some neat tricks or tips from the experts. 

If you or your organization sell products as a hobby, you can host live video explaining your products’ value or simply showing them in action. Customers can have a first-hand look at your products without feeling pressured to buy them. This includes products in various industries, such as outdoor, cooking, technology, automotive, gardening, homecare, and more!

And the best part? Any company, from start-ups to enterprise organizations, can reach new audiences and drum up new business by taking part in livestreaming hobbies!  

*Pro tip – Create a community: Connect with other leaders in the space that complement your products and ideas and co-sponsor each other’s streams. Doing a livestream together or sharing each other’s streams via screen sharing or in-stream chat can help you both expand your audience. 

Thought leadership 

Everyone wants the inside line on the most effective strategies, useful tips, and important information that can give them the edge they need to succeed in their life, business, or relationships. And if you have valuable information to share with your audience, you can quickly develop a following. 

You can produce a variety of thought leadership content — it all depends on what you have to offer. From critical business tips to life coaching strategies, producing this kind of content positions yourself or your organization as thought leaders in your space and can enhance your marketing and brand-building efforts.

*Pro tip – Create a focus for your content: If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one. Don’t be afraid to focus your content or webinar on specific topics, such as building relationships with clients, closing evasive customers, or even managing remote teams. Be sure to record your sessions so you can share or repurpose them later on social media or to aid in other marketing efforts. 


Livestreaming platforms are popular with a wide audience because they provide a one-stop shop where viewers can find a wide range of entertainment options — gaming, crafting, chess, music, cooking, and even niche topics like antique restoration are popular! 

With millions of viewers looking for different forms of entertainment, there is a space for your content and viewers waiting to see it. There are plenty of opportunities to create content that highlights your products and helps spread awareness about your company. For example, an interior designer could host a renovation webinar that gives a lucky viewer a free home makeover, or a local fishing shop could livestream a trip to a nearby lake with one of their fishing guides — the sky is the limit! 

*Pro tip – Create sales opportunities through entertainment: Rather than try to directly sell a product during an entertaining webinar or video, mention that you’ve provided a list of the products or services in the description or in-stream chat  — this helps interested customers find what they’re looking for without interrupting their viewing experience. 

Social connection

Many viewers come to streaming platforms to be entertained or learn something new, but at their core, these viewers tune in for social connection. Without the ability to connect, chat, and share experiences with other viewers, livestreaming just wouldn’t be the same.

You can quickly build a blossoming and engaged community by livestreaming webinars and content that encourage social connection. For example, your organization can create a charity event with live entertainment, which you can then livestream and collect donations right in the stream. You could also create a live event, such as a community get-together or corporate event, which can then be livestreamed to social media. 

*Pro tip – An engaged moderator is a must: When livestreaming an event, having a moderator who is closely monitoring the chat to answer questions, share links, and keep an eye on things will help your virtual attendees feel more engaged and informed, and most importantly, help them have a good time! 

Discover new audiences with Zoom 

To learn more about how you can expand the reach of your content and create new experiences for your audience, visit our Zoom Events page.

By: John Montgomery
Title: Reach New Audiences and Build Engaged Communities with Livestreaming from Zoom
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/livestreaming-from-zoom/
Published Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2022 21:06:55 +0000

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