Putting principles into practice: our next steps forward for security and privacy 

December 9, 2022

Just like you need steel, concrete, and wood to build a house, you need a few key components to build a modern, successful business. Employee experience, impactful services, customer engagement, and secure infrastructure are some of those essential items — the latter serving as the glue that keeps your business together. You can’t scale your business without security, and that’s especially the case with hybrid work.

While hybrid work creates flexibility and scalability, it presents a complex IT challenge that requires a more thoughtful approach to security. Exposure points multiply as employees work from offices, homes, coffee shops, airports, and more, tasking IT with securing and controlling a diverse set of environments.

This requires security leaders to design a strategy that helps protect employees no matter where they are or what they do, one rooted in the variability that comes with flexible work. Our security and privacy sessions at Zoomtopia 2022 reflected on this current landscape, and experts discussed its impact on security strategy, data sharing and privacy programs, solution adoption, and more.

Chatting with IDC on accelerating collaboration and minimizing risk

Frank Dickson and Christopher Rodriguez, analysts at IDC who authored the white paper “Securing the Real World: Accelerating Collaboration, Minimizing Risk,” were joined by our own John Kennedy, distinguished security architect, to bring their paper to life at our user conference.

The three speakers came together to expand upon takeaways from the paper. From adopting relevant security controls to encryption types to factoring in the human element, the session took a realistic look at security and privacy in the era of hybrid work and what’s needed to set a business up for success. Security is about context, according to Frank and Christopher, and everyone’s context is different — what matters is having options you can tailor to your organization’s needs.

Data privacy in practice

Our own Aurora Brigham, lead product manager; and Glory Francke, former senior counsel, got up close and personal with privacy during their Zoomtopia session. They explained how we at Zoom talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to data privacy, discussing the guiding principles behind our initiatives, as well as how we’re rolling out features and programs to turn these principles into reality.

Guiding principles

Privacy is a part of our value of care: We are a steward of the personal information entrusted to us.Transparency: We help our users, employees, and partners understand how Zoom uses data.User choice: We are committed to providing our users with meaningful control over their personal data.Privacy by design: Privacy and security are core to our product design, and we take steps to identify privacy and compliance risks early in the software development process.

Recent offerings and initiatives

Aurora and Glory also discussed the findings from our recent Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), which is an assessment and detailed report on how a company processes data. A DPIA gives recommendations on how to minimize privacy risks, and essentially lets institutions benchmark and evolve their data privacy and protection strategies. Aurora then explained how we’ve acted upon the DPIA’s findings through new product features and launches — putting our principle of privacy by design into practice.

Know the flow

Want to know where your data goes? Our own Russ Hearn, distinguished security architect, pulled back the curtain for attendees of this data handling session, discussing how data sharing works when using Zoom solutions. Highlights included:

How data flows, where it goes, what’s included in a data set, and how that works for different solutions.A peek into architecture, policy, and process. Encryption types that underpin each flow.

ddress your business’s context

We at Zoom have designed our security and privacy offerings around this new flexible future. We want to equip our customers with the tools they need to embrace whatever working style suits their employees. From our recently announced end-to-end encryption feature for Zoom Mail Service (beta) to enterprise auto-update, these security offerings are here to help you choose the kind of technology you need to effectively protect your infrastructure.

Check out all the security and privacy Zoomtopia 2022 sessions in our on-demand library, and learn more about our security and privacy efforts, visit our Trust Center.

By: Hannah Brozek
Title: Putting principles into practice: our next steps forward for security and privacy
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