New! Collaborating with your team and customers just got easier (and more fun!) 

March 28, 2023

We’re excited to announce new Zoom innovations designed to help you make collaboration more meaningful, impactful, and happy! It’s part of what we’re sharing with the world at Enterprise Connect.

Huddle up to make teamwork more meaningful and fun

We’re more motivated to work when we feel engaged, connected to our colleagues, and know where to go to solve complex problems. With fewer of us going into the office these days, how do we create a work culture that truly feels energized without the spontaneous conversations, serendipitous run-ins, and collaborative ideations that happen in an in-person environment?

Introducing Zoom Huddles, a new video-enabled virtual coworking space designed to bring the fluid interactions of in-person work to modern teams. Zoom Huddles replicates the “working alongside” aspect of an open office and encourages freeform, video-first collaboration. Hop into a huddle to get quick answers to questions, brainstorm with a teammate, or even just feel closer to your coworkers. Zoom Huddles is now available globally for customers to request early access.

Less app-hopping, more focus

It’s here! Zoom Mail and Calendar lets you access all your important communications in one place — no more hopping between your inbox and Zoom Team Chat.

Zoom Mail Client, which lets you connect your third-party email account like Gmail or Microsoft 365 directly in Zoom, is now available for all Zoom users. Zoom Mail Service, which provides hosted email, is available with specific paid plans.

Zoom Calendar, which allows you to view your third-party calendar within Zoom, will have a new feature that makes it even easier to take control of your schedule. A persistent sidebar panel captures meaningful meeting elements and insights before, during, and after meetings. You’ll love seeing who has joined your meeting before entering the meeting room, so you can see if you’re late or have a moment to take a breath.

Running late? Message the meeting host directly from the sidebar. After the meeting, easily reference meeting attachments and links, as well as meeting recordings, all from the sidebar.

And we’ve got many other exciting features coming in the next few months, such as AI-generated meeting summaries, the ability to create and attach a Zoom Whiteboard to your invite, and the ability to quickly auto-populate fields when scheduling follow-up Zoom Phone calls.

Connect your account to start using Zoom Mail and Calendar today!

Make hybrid meetings more equitable and engaging

Building on the popular smart gallery feature for Zoom Rooms, a new feature called Intelligent Director is planned to be available soon in beta. Intelligent Director uses multiple cameras and the latest AI technology to determine the best angle of the individuals in the Zoom Room to display within your Zoom meeting. Intelligent Director promotes a more equitable meeting experience for remote and in-person attendees.

Strengthen customer relationships

Customer support leaders, here’s how you can set your team up for success and deliver better customer service, while making your own job easier. Zoom Contact Center — now globally available! — has a new workforce engagement management solution to help you optimize customer support.

Workforce engagement management, now available in beta, allows you to predict agent workloads and accurately estimate their schedules so you can staff appropriately. It also provides coaching and learning opportunities based on past customer conversations so agents can improve their performance. Powered by Zoom IQ, it’s fully integrated into our all-in-one unified platform, making it simple and seamless to use.

Easier calendaring to better connect with your customers

Say goodbye to the back-and-forth hassle of manual scheduling with your customers. Available as a public beta, Zoom Scheduler makes it easy to find the perfect time to meet by sharing your availability so others, even people outside your organization like clients and partners, can conveniently book appointments.

Meetings scheduled using Zoom Scheduler show up on your calendar with a Zoom Meetings link already included — it’s that easy.

Zoom Scheduler works seamlessly with Zoom Meetings and Zoom Mail and Calendar, and integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft 365, so everyone can connect no matter what tool they use! It’s a great way to strengthen your relationships with your customers.

Try Zoom Scheduler for your next meeting.

Teamwork makes the dream work

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By: Joseph Chong
Title: New! Collaborating with your team and customers just got easier (and more fun!)
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/new-features-better-collaboration/
Published Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2023 11:59:00 +0000

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