Navigating uncertainty: How Zoom One can help you do more with less 

March 13, 2023

The recent years have brought significant change for business leaders like you, including digital transformation initiatives, a transition to flexible workstyles, and increased pressure to deliver premium customer service.

An uncertain economy has decision-makers trying to determine where to maximize and where to pull back to improve effectiveness, reduce costs, and automate.

To stay competitive, you must be customer-centric and flexible while making investments that accelerate growth. The good news is communication and collaboration technology can help you stay nimble while driving meaningful impact.

Flexibility is key – for companies, workers, and customers

One thing is clear: hybrid work is here to stay. The best talent will demand it, and current and future generations might not even know a work life without a hybrid approach.

This challenge is not limited to offices or your company. Look at your customers, vendors, and partners. Chances are that most participants in your meetings are off-site or at home. How do you give everyone a seat at the table? Your collaboration platform must enable frictionless and secure connections to internal and external partners alike. Plus, you need to be able to adapt to network problems and lower-quality internet connections.

Luckily, if you are using Zoom One, you are covered. Zoom supports you with industry-leading security standards, intuitive design, and accessible workflows for team chat, meetings, webinars, or phone calls. Our unified collaboration platform is constantly developed further and delivers new features with each update. From collaboration via Zoom Team Chat to innovations for existing products, like Zoom Mail and Calendar or the brand new Zoom Sessions, Zoom makes connecting with internal and external stakeholders easy while minimizing administrative overhead. Our platform works so well that it can increase productivity by up to 52 minutes per week per employee, as a report by Forrester research showed.

Zoom One offers a comprehensive suite of tools for collaboration and communication.

Reduce costs without missing out on features

Communication expenses are not limited to a monthly sum for licensing. You need to implement the products, train your employees, and keep experts on standby if something goes wrong. Zoom One can save you money right there. Not only does it cost 60% less to deploy compared to the industry average and 55% less to operate the Zoom platform, according to a study by Metrigy. The data is backed by customers like Hassam Allam Holding, a construction company in Egypt that migrated 2,000 users to Zoom Phone in a few months. Employees experienced better quality phone calls, more flexible working environments, and increased their productivity by 27%. Ciena, a US telecommunications networking equipment and software services supplier, is another excellent example. The company reduced costs by up to 40% by switching to Zoom Phone.

Reducing costly overhead is key in preparing your company for economic uncertainty. Easy-to-administer solutions reduce the stress on IT departments, freeing up experts for more critical projects. The Forrester report linked above showed that Zoom could reduce IT troubleshooting by up to 75% based on a composite model organization. And again, this is corroborated by Hassan Allam Holding, where Zoom’s ease of use reduced service desk tickets by 35%.

Consider how you can streamline and simplify your communication needs with fewer applications. Do you need different solutions for messaging, video conferencing, phone, and email, or does a unified collaboration approach like Zoom One cut costs for you while improving employee efficiency?

Less office space, fewer costs, more collaboration

Even if your business started with a traditional work model, ask yourself: do you really need to go back to the office full-time? Reducing your in-person workdays might allow you to rethink how much office space you need. If you can turn some offices into hot-desking seats, add privacy booths for virtual meetings, and add bigger social meeting places, will this enable your workforce to be more creative? Can you downsize to reduce rent and utilities cost? Or can you utilize existing solutions better? Zoom One is designed to be flexible and work around your needs.

You could, for example, add Zoom Rooms to your subscription. With a little hardware investment, you can turn a classic meeting room into hybrid meeting spaces. Cameras with auto-framing capabilities, our smart gallery feature, and microphone arrays allow remote attendees to hear and see their colleagues better and participate more equally in conversation. This creates an environment where everyone is present, regardless of where they are.

Zoom Smart Gallery in action

That doesn’t mean you have to scrap in-person meetings. But it pays to rethink how they would work in a hybrid approach. Not just for your workers but for your customers, vendors, and other organizations you work with. A solid approach to hybrid means adapting your available resources to be used as efficiently as possible.

Embracing a flexible approach makes companies more independent from their physical location. Take a look at the trend for Zoom Towns. In 2022 we partnered with Indeed.com to find out which towns in the U.K., Germany, and France had the most growth in remote and mobile job offerings. Cities and towns like Krefeld in Germany, Brest in France, and Worthing in the U.K., have benefited from a new approach to work. Suddenly, the importance of where your office is located drops sharply. Hybrid and remote work make it possible to keep workers employed, even if they move. It opens a larger pool of candidates to companies, and smaller employers don’t have to compete with big international players for a limited local pool of talented people. Ireland is a prime example. The country embraces remote work, showing how regions can bridge the divide between urban and rural areas and thrive in a hybrid world.

Ready to embrace flexibility? Learn more about Zooms collaboration platform and let us help you get the most out of it.

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Title: Navigating uncertainty: How Zoom One can help you do more with less
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