Mastering the FUNdamentals at Singapore’s Digital For Life Festival 2022 

August 17, 2022

From telehealth to virtual learning to large celebrations, people around the globe are using collaboration technology to keep connected, exchange information, and get more done. We strive to support this level of collaboration by offering flexible solutions designed to help you communicate from anywhere.

To help our customers discover all the ways they can use Zoom to enable meaningful connections, we collaborated with Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for their inaugural Digital For Life Festival, which is part of the country’s national movement to build an inclusive digital society. 

As the festival’s official platform partner, we hosted a webinar helmed by our own Emily Ng, Head of Majors Accounts for ASEAN, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan, and Glenn Quah, Solutions Engineer, who shared tips and tricks on how to make Zoom Meetings more inclusive and engaging for all. Check their pointers out below:

Make engagement easy with Avatars and apps

Attendees took a walk on the wild side by getting a look at our Avatars feature, which replaces a user’s appearance with a virtual animal that mirrors their head movements and facial expressions. Avatars not only provide a good middle ground for users who may be camera-shy, but also a little levity to brighten up your meetings. Zoom only offers animal avatars at this time.

Another in-meeting feature to add to your arsenal? Zoom Apps, which enables you to bring your core applications into Zoom to help make your meetings more engaging, productive, and fun. Ranging from virtual karaoke to party games to wellness apps, Zoom Apps can be quickly deployed in your next meeting to suit any occasion.

Immersive and inclusive

Zoom Meetings also come with features that help create an immersive look and feel, as well as foster an inclusive experience: 

Filters: These help add an extra oomph for when you really want to shine on camera. Live reactions: You can mirror your body gestures on screen with live reactions, which allows you to place an emoji reaction in your video panel to reflect non-verbal communication on screen.Immersive View: Experience a whole new virtual world in meetings and webinars with Immersive View. This feature allows everyone in the meeting, regardless of where they are, to feel as though they’re in the same space. You can even create and customize your own virtual scenes!Auto-generated captions: By offering live transcription, this feature helps participants feel engaged, included, and empowered to participate. 

Meeting best practices

We all want to make the most of our meetings, and that includes Zoomies! That’s why our organization established our “3As” framework, which Emily shared with IMDA attendees. Designed to set expectations and keep teams on task, this framework is as follows:

Agenda: each meeting should have an agendaAttendees: make sure attendees are aware of their role in a meeting Action items: document any relevant action items 

You can also provide materials ahead of time and end meetings five minutes early to give teams a buffer between calls — simple tweaks that could help improve your team’s overall work experience. 

Security is not only a best practice, it’s also key to unlocking a safe and productive online experience. Zoom Meetings comes with numerous easy-to-use security features that can help protect your information and virtual communication. With these controls, hosts can:

Manage screen sharingLock the meeting Set up two-factor authentication Remove disruptive participants Disable video, mute participants Suspend participant activities Turn off file transferDisable private chat Report a user 

Supporting Singapore’s movement to build a digitally inclusive society 

As a proud partner of the Digital For Life Festival, Zoom is honored to support various communities in Singapore, as well as our users around the globe, with technologies and resources to help them embrace digital learning as a lifelong pursuit. The Digital For Life Festival is one of the many initiatives that Zoom is participating in to support Singapore’s movement to foster a digitally inclusive society. We’re striving to do our part to foster connections, enable effective communication, and support our community. 

By: Leonard Lim
Title: Mastering the FUNdamentals at Singapore’s Digital For Life Festival 2022
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/singapore-digital-for-life-festival-2022/
Published Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2022 11:01:00 +0000

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