How Executive Administrators Can Streamline Their Work with Zoom 

 April 30, 2021

By  Scott

From the days of sticky notes and written calendars to the prevalence of cloud-based management solutions today, executive assistants (EAs) have always needed a diverse set of tools and skills to adapt to leaders’ shifting requirements.

Modern-day executive assistants have to go beyond understanding technology — they need to use solutions to improve internal operations, all the while managing on-the-fly demands and urgent communications. 

We’ve created “Your Guide to Streamlining Communications as an Executive Administrator” to offer handy tips and tricks for the executive assistants using the Zoom platform. This guide provides tips for how to use Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and Zoom Chat to elevate the way you communicate and collaborate.  

Scheduling with Zoom Meetings

EAs need to be strategic with executives’ time, which requires agile technology that streamlines the scheduling process and makes the most out of meetings. Our guide breaks down eight essential tips that executive assistants can implement to improve the way they schedule and manage meetings. From obtaining scheduling privileges to customizing email notifications — these simple tips help EAs understand how they can tailor Zoom Meetings to address their executive’s unique needs.

Staying organized with Zoom Chat

Zoom Chat is an easy way to quickly communicate with people you or your executive work closely with every day. Our guide explains how EAs can strategically leverage Zoom Chat within the Zoom desktop client or mobile app to keep track of key internal and external contacts, take diligent notes, and stay agile, no matter where they are.

Keeping on top of calls with Zoom Phone

Natively built for the Zoom platform, Zoom Phone enables executive assistants to elevate a phone call to a meeting for easy collaboration, delegate calls for a quick handoff to a leader, and more. Our guide includes four key tips for EAs to modernize business telephone communications, including how to capture messages with voicemails and SMS, set business hours, and more. 

Better work starts now

By maximizing the potential of the Zoom platform, EAs can foster increased productivity, leading to happier executives and more meaningful work. They pave the way for everyone to get more done, together.
Find in-depth information on each of the sections above in our guide, or check out the on-demand webinar, “Tips to Navigating Zoom as an Executive Administrator.”

By: Hannah Brozek
Title: How Executive Administrators Can Streamline Their Work with Zoom
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