From Start-Up to Unicorn: Six reasons why Zoom One is perfect for growing your business 

March 22, 2023

Hi, we’re Zoom. You might know us as the famous application for video conferencing. But did you know that we are way more than that? Zoom One is a unified collaboration solution that includes chat, video conferencing, audio calls, and text messaging. It brings in-person and virtual communications and collaboration together so you can connect with anyone easily from anywhere. We can even help you extend conference rooms into virtual spaces and create digital whiteboards for your team.

Zoom One can help you accelerate your business with more professional interactions and productivity tools and support your communication needs at every stage. Not convinced yet? Here are six reasons why Zoom One is the ideal solution for your growing business.

1. Make it easier for customers, partners, and investors to talk to you

If you are using Zoom, chances are good that your external partners, customers, or investors don’t have to switch to another program to meet with you. That’s because 86% of Fortune 100 companies and 71% of Fortune 500 companies use our platform.

But even if your counterpart does not use our communication platform, we make it easy to invite external users. There is no fiddling with access restrictions and no need to set up different zones or gates. And you can even use Interop for Zoom Rooms to connect to services like Google Meet.

2. One app to manage your workday

Zoom is much more than the video meetings experience. With a full-featured mobile and desktop app, you can quickly send a chat, place a call, collaborate on a virtual whiteboard, and more. In addition, by using our APIs and Zoom App Marketplace, you can get many of your favorite business app to work inside Zoom.

We integrate with a broad range of over 2,000 apps that you can access directly from your Zoom client. Boost productivity with Salesforce, Jira, GitHub, and ServiceNow apps for Team Chat, or take your meetings to the next level with Zoom-curated Essential Apps.

We make it easy to access your daily tools, so you don’t have to spend your day switching back and forth between apps. Try it and get rid of the ‘toggle tax’.

3. Zoom is constantly evolving – and you reap the benefits

Most people don’t read release notes, but you should check out our dedicated support site. We push updates and new features multiple times per month, and most of the time, these features are available directly to you as a Zoom One customer.

For example, you can draw in top talent by offering a flexible workstyle and leverage our Workspace Reservation solution to make it easy for your hybrid employees to reserve a desk or book a room. AI can empower employees to focus on what matters with automated features like meeting summaries and next steps.

Coming soon are Zoomtopia 2022 announcements like Zoom Mail and Calendar so you can access your email and appointments right from your Zoom app or Zoom Spots for spontaneous meetings and huddles.

4. Save costs while gaining value

Licensing software is the first step. After that, you need to implement it, train your employees, and keep staff on hand to solve problems. And this is where Zoom’s ease of use saves you money.

A study by Metrigy showed that Zoom costs up to 60% less to deploy and 55% less to operate when compared to the industry average. Because we designed Zoom with simplicity in mind, it’s easy to understand for users and helps reduce IT requests, freeing up resources for more critical projects as you scale your business.

5. Support in-person, hybrid, and remote work

Between in-person, hybrid, and remote, the modern workplace has transformed. Getting stuff done is more important than where you do it. But having a reliable way to communicate and connect is critical. Investing in a communications platform that enables you to work any way you (or your employees) want is crucial.

Zoom One will support your workstyle choice by offering you the tools you need to get everyone connected, even with slower broadband connections. Did you know that Zoom still delivers excellent quality video at 40% packet loss and uses less bandwidth than other solutions, a study by Wainhouse found in 2021. And we help you bring meeting equity when meeting across spaces with different screen views and support for smart cameras that provide a better view of in-room participants.

6. Create inclusive work environments

Fostering diversity, equality, and inclusion is crucial for every business today. Companies that are flexible in supporting and investing in this space will be more successful in attracting and retaining talented employees.

Zoom One can help you. First, our remote- and hybrid-friendly platform enables you to hire from anywhere. In addition, we have technical features to support you. For example, our automated translation and captioning in Zoom Meetings can help you break down language barriers and drive an inclusive meeting culture – read how it helped Teach for All break language barriers. You can add human language interpreters or add sign-language interpretation to Meetings and Webinars. Or, if you have employees who prefer to meet without needing to be on video, we’re offering customizable human avatars that you can personalize to your likeness and personality.

Want to learn more about how we can help you consolidate vendors and save time and money as you grow? Contact your Zoom representative now and let us help you grow your business.

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Title: From Start-Up to Unicorn: Six reasons why Zoom One is perfect for growing your business
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