Extend Your Home Office to the Living Room with Solutions from Amazon, DTEN, and Facebook 

August 19, 2021

As companies around the world shift toward a hybrid work model, they’ll need to provide remote workers with the same capabilities as on-site workers so they can effectively communicate and collaborate. 

Last July, we launched our Zoom for Home offering to help organizations make the transition to hybrid work and empower workers. To continue this effort, we’ve worked with our partners to develop solutions that help our users create the ultimate home office setup. 

Check out these new offerings from our partners: 

mazon’s second-gen Fire TV Cube 

Fire TV Cube (2nd gen) gives users a range of exciting capabilities, including hands-free control of the Fire TV experience via Alexa voice commands, as well as access to popular streaming services like Prime Video, IMDb TV, Netflix, Twitch, and more. Fire TV Cube users can now join Zoom video calls, bringing the power of the Zoom platform right into your living room!

Using a second-gen Fire TV Cube, the Zoom app for Fire TV, a compatible webcam, and a Micro USB to USB adapter, you can turn your TV into a meeting device. This enables greater flexibility, letting you customize your home office and maintain an alternative space for video calls with friends and family.

DTEN GO with DTEN Mate

DTEN is a leader in producing video conferencing solutions for both the office and home. Their latest product, the DTEN GO with DTEN Mate, aims to provide remote workers with the flexibility and functionality they need to succeed in a modern workforce. 

As a portable, all-in-one appliance, the DTEN GO has four cameras with 160 degrees of coverage and 12 microphones to cover small to medium-sized meeting spaces and allows users to transform any screen in their home or office into an instant video meeting system for Zoom. The DTEN Mate, a ten-inch companion tablet for the DTEN GO, takes that experience to the next level by giving users the ability to annotate shared content and whiteboard ideas using the touch screen. 

With the DTEN GO with DTEN Mate, Zoom users can create a professional video meeting system complete with touch collaboration on any TV in their home or office. The DTEN GO with DTEN Mate can provide an instant boost in productivity and utility for full-time remote workers and employees, both on the road and at home.

Portal TV from Facebook

With its Smart Camera that pans and zooms to keep up with the action, Portal TV from Facebook gives users the freedom to host immersive video calls on the largest screen in their home. Portal also supports Zoom on Portal TV, allowing users to attend Zoom Meetings and enjoy popular features such as breakout rooms, screen sharing, and virtual backgrounds. 

This support empowers remote workers to leverage the full functionality of their computers while enjoying Smart Sound and high-quality video with Portal TV. 

Create the ultimate home office

With products like the Fire Cube TV, DTEN GO with DTEN Mate, Facebook Portal TV, you can create the ultimate home office that meets all of your needs, both during work and after. For more information on how Zoom for Home can help you build a home office that meets all of your communication and collaboration needs, visit our Zoom for Home page.

By: Gerard Bao
Title: Extend Your Home Office to the Living Room with Solutions from Amazon, DTEN, and Facebook
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/extend-home-office-to-living-room-with-amazon-dten-facebook/
Published Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 14:57:18 +0000

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