Enhanced Zoom Developer Solutions & Tools to Easily Build Apps and Integrations 

September 15, 2021

Zoom continues to pour resources into the Zoom Developer Platform because we believe in enabling innovation. Developers are leading the charge in building the future through collaboration, education, gaming, and other applications, and we want our developer ecosystem to have everything they need to build apps and integrations using Zoom’s unified communications platform technology and global infrastructure.

We’re announcing a number of exciting new updates to the Zoom Developer Platform across our App Marketplace, APIs, SDKs, and apps and integrations. Each of these enhancements is designed to enable developers to more easily build Zoom into their own products and services for any vertical or use case.

Here are a few of the new offerings for developers building on the Zoom platform:


Jumpstart will be our new app builder tool that makes it easier than ever for developers to move faster when they don’t need full customization but do need industry-leading, reliable video to show up in an app. Simply enter a few key configuration fields and select from some pre-designed feature and branding inputs, as well as platform options, and Jumpstart will generate code that brings Video SDK functionality seamlessly into an existing app. General availability expected in Fall 2021

Command Line Interface

We’re developing a command-line interface (CLI) to help developers prototype an application when they’re short on early-stage engineering resources and time. Use the CLI to quickly investigate Zoom’s API, stand up a proof-of-concept, or even build serverless functions for quick scripts that don’t need an entire back end to run. General availability expected in Fall 2021

React Native for Video SDK

Highly requested from our dev community, the addition of this programming language addition to our Video SDK will allow developers to write code once to build fully customizable video-based applications that work across Android and iOS devices. We expect this to be in beta in Fall 2021.

Meeting SDK Apps on App Marketplace

Developers will soon be able to list their Meeting SDK apps on the Zoom App Marketplace. The App Marketplace currently houses over 1,500 apps. Leverage access Zoom’s global customer base of millions of users, and drive global discovery and usage of your application. General availability expected in Fall 2021

Additional highlights for developers:

Video API will allow developers using our Video SDK to get real-time insight into video session performance and swiftly optimize the user experience. Availability is anticipated in October 2021. Granular Scopes will allow apps to pull only authorized and necessary data, reducing the amount of information an app has to access. This will help improve the app development process as well as third-party app distribution. General availability expected in Fall 2021Enhanced Meeting SDK for Web will allow developers to seamlessly integrate the Zoom Meetings client into a website to enable users to easily start and join a Zoom meeting without having to pop out another window or launch Zoom externally. Developers will be able to position and control the layout, giving integrators another flexible option for using our Meeting SDK. Availability is anticipated in Fall 2021.The Apps Collaborator Role on the App Marketplace will simplify app management and administration.App owners will be able to grant access to team members in order to collaborate on publishing and managing their apps. Availability is anticipated in October 2021. QSS (Quality of Service Subscription) will be an add-on for customers who demand Zoom’s Quality of Service (QS) data for meetings and webinars in near-real-time. QSS helps account owners proactively troubleshoot and identify issues quickly, and use data to address other business use cases. General availability is targeted by end of 2021.

dditional resources for developers

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By: Brendan Ittelson
Title: Enhanced Zoom Developer Solutions & Tools to Easily Build Apps and Integrations
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-developer-enhancements/
Published Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2021 15:28:00 +0000

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