Elevating Access and Delivery of Care: Insights from HLTH Conference 2022 

November 28, 2022

Healthcare is elemental to society — it’s a timeless yet ever-evolving practice. And like every other industry, it has experienced sweeping changes over the past few years in particular. With digital transformation empowering health organizations to embrace a more connected, efficient way of doing things, both providers’ and patients’ experiences have been elevated by the strategic application of technology.

HLTH Conference 2022 reflects on the impact of these changes, as well as discusses what’s next — for technology organizations, healthcare providers, and patients.

Taking place Nov. 13-16, 2022 in Las Vegas, the four-day event helped connect people and highlight important industry voices, and we at Zoom were happy to help contribute to the experience.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our participation in HLTH Conference 2022.

Chatting with Moderna about preventative healthcare

Our own Ron Emerson, Global Healthcare Lead at Zoom, sat down with Shannon Klinger, Chief Legal Officer at Moderna, for a fireside chat about increasing access to preventative care. Titled, “How Technology Is Powering Equitable Access to Preventative Health,” the session featured Ron and Shannon sharing their thoughts on how the COVID-19 pandemic changed how people approach disease prevention and equity of care. They reflect that the rapid technological change during the pandemic drove a fundamental shift in the healthcare ecosystem, creating new opportunities for patients to seek proactive care and participate in wellness education.

Beyond baseline benefits

Healthcare often means a lot more than a routine physical or trip to the dentist, and your workforce expects you to know that — and tailor benefits accordingly. Today’s workers are looking for “a lot more than kombucha on tap,” as our own Global Head of Benefits Sheila Krueger remarked during her session at HLTH Conference.

To attract and motivate Millennial and Gen Z talent — an increasingly good chunk of today’s workforce — companies need to understand there are new expectations for benefits. Motivated by more than just money, these workers are looking for a sense of belonging and purpose, and want to identify their “why” when working for an organization. That’s why, Sheila explained, your culture needs to shift its focus onto mental health, inclusivity, community, and a strong mission — or be prepared potentially be prepared to fall victim to “quiet quitting.”

One platform to create better healthcare experiences

To get a better grasp of how Zoom can help enhance provider and patient experiences, conference attendees paid us a visit in room MC-1164 over the course of the four-day event. During these visits, we demonstrated how providers can use Zoom to do the following:

Use one platform to meet administrative, medical education, and virtual care communication needsOptimize existing healthcare workflows with our current apps and integrations, or discover how to develop a custom solution Take telemedicine visits to new heights Add cloud-based phone and contact center capabilities to healthcare communications

Supporting our partners

The icing on top of an already great event? Our partner DocuSign held a booth of their own during the event, where they demonstrated how their Zoom integration enables a seamless telehealth session, along with how their solutions can help improve operational efficiency across organizations and elevate patient experiences. Ron discussed the enthusiasm around the integration, explaining, “Through Zoom Apps, our healthcare users can process clinical and business workflows and documentation right from a Zoom Meeting. This powerful tool allows patients and healthcare professionals the ability to complete business and clinical documentation in a frictionless manner.”

Discover more insights

HLTH Conference comes right on the heels of our annual user conference — Zoomtopia — where we reflected on providers’ and patients’ ever-evolving relationship with digital healthcare, and what Zoom is doing to help elevate the experience for all.

To uncover expert insights, exciting product announcements, and more, be sure to check out our Zoomtopia 2022 on-demand recordings.

By: Amelia Eudailey
Title: Elevating Access and Delivery of Care: Insights from HLTH Conference 2022
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