Build valuable experiences for your customers with Zoom’s Developer Platform 

April 20, 2023

Technology gives us the flexibility to try new things and create powerful digital experiences.

With Zoom’s Developer Platform, you have access to a collection of resources that can help you transform your own app or platform’s user experience. Our developer solutions enable you to:

Build your own white label, video-based applications with your native user interfaces using some of our core video and audio technology, features, and functionality Embed all or parts of the Zoom Meeting and Webinar experience into your app, platform, or service Integrate your apps into Zoom products and surfaces

We offer three key developer solutions, Zoom’s Video SDK, Meeting SDK, and an extensive library of APIs, including meeting APIs, focusing on the first two use cases — build and embed. Using these solutions, you can build multi-platform apps and experiences that meet your specific requirements, address the needs of your customers, and help expand your business.

Video SDK

Need to add video and audio to your own app or platform? Looking to migrate from an existing video vendor that isn’t able to meet the changing demands of your business? Zoom’s Video SDK can help, as it’s backed by the performance, scale, and reliability of the Zoom platform. You’re able to deliver high-quality audio and video to your users, even in low-latency environments.

Our Video SDK packages our core video and audio technology and provides the tools you need to build video-based apps and experiences across platforms for any vertical and use case, while still using your own branding and a native user interface. Use our Video SDK to build for Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS, React Native, Web, and Windows, and create fully customizable UIs that use key Zoom features like live chat, live streaming, and screen sharing.

From recruitment and skills assessment to real estate to fitness, countless Zoom customers have used our Video SDK to build valuable experiences and services for their users and expand their business.

Meeting SDK

Embed the Zoom Meeting and Webinars experience that you know and love right into your website, mobile, or desktop apps with our Meeting SDK. By embedding the Zoom desktop client directly into your app, you’re able to deliver the simplicity, reliability, and global customer familiarity of the Zoom experience to your customers without sacrificing speed or experience. They can seamlessly and securely schedule and join meetings from within your app without the potential added friction of having to create a Zoom account or download the Zoom app. Our Meeting SDK, which is already being used by customers in education, healthcare, video production, is available for Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Web, and Electron.

Meeting APIs

Our comprehensive collection of meeting APIs help you take advantage of popular Zoom features so you can scale and evolve your app. Using our meeting APIs, you can:

Easily integrate some of the most popular Zoom Meeting features, including creating and scheduling a new meeting. This lets customers seamlessly join meetings from your appScalably manage costs as it relates to the usage of Zoom, with the ability to create accounts, add and remove Zoom users, and view usage reports and dashboards.

With access to a rich feature set from within the Zoom desktop client, you can use our meeting APIs to easily integrate Zoom features and functionality, and potentially speed up your time to market.

Get started with Zoom’s Developer Platform

Ready to build with our technology, embed the Zoom experience into your app, or integrate your apps into Zoom products? Get started with our developer documentation.

Zoom’s ISV Partner Program

To power innovation for customers and further support SaaS providers, the Zoom ISV Partner Program was designed to help developers build, embed, integrate, and take to market the applications they build using Zoom’s Meeting and Video SDKs.

Zoom ISV Partners are an exclusive group of partners. We provide additional commercial and technical support to these partners throughout the development lifecycle and beyond. Developers that wish to offer Zoom Meetings to their application’s users require an ISV Agreement between Zoom and their organization, which outlines the commercial commitment and use of Zoom’s brand when marketing their application. Partners that have developed an integration using our Developer Platform solutions are provided exclusive GTM resources from Zoom’s ISV Team.

Developers can explore the ISV Partner Program and apply here.

By: Binesh Dhami
Title: Build valuable experiences for your customers with Zoom’s Developer Platform
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/build-valuable-experiences-zooms-developer-platform/
Published Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2023 18:00:39 +0000

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