Both Zoom and Zoom for Government Are Now Available on the AWS Marketplace with Carahsoft’s Support 

September 28, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Zoom has joined the AWS Partner Network (APN) for Public Sector Partners, and both Zoom and Zoom for Government will now be available on the AWS Marketplace for federal, state, and local government customers. 

The new AWS Marketplace listing allows organizations to either select the commercial Zoom platform, or our FedRAMP-authorized Zoom for Government platform, which is hosted in the U.S.-based AWS GovCloud infrastructure and U.S.-based co-located data centers. Zoom Meetings and Chat, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Video Webinars will all be available for purchase — helping AWS Marketplace users easily access Zoom solutions and streamline the renewal process for existing Zoom customers. 

“Bringing Zoom to AWS Marketplace is a great example of APN’s continuous support of the public sector customer,” said Sandy Carter, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Partners and Programs, AWS. “Two APN Partners, Carahsoft, an AWS Distributor, and Tackle collaborated with AWS Marketplace to accelerate the listing by leveraging AWS Marketplace automation, paving the way for Zoom to seamlessly serve federal agencies and state and local governments with secure, modern collaboration tools.”

With Carahsoft’s support of both Zoom and Zoom for Government’s presence on the AWS Marketplace, agency IT managers can consolidate their technology and purchase either version of the platform along with thousands of other apps and services, equipping employees with all the solutions they need to get their best work done. 

Information on availability

A few key details users should know about this announcement:  

Cloud Commitment: With Carahsoft’s support, Zoom’s availability on the AWS Marketplace helps those participating in the AWS Cloud Commitment Program optimize utilization. With this program, organizations can commit to a private pricing program that provides a discount in exchange for a prepaid, annual consumption commitment. With participants able to purchase Zoom solutions under the AWS Cloud Commitment Program, they can meet their commitment and streamline the overall purchasing process.Part of larger programs: Zoom will be participating in the AWS Public Sector Partner Program and AWS ISV Accelerate programs. These programs strengthen solutions with the power of AWS and enable tailored access to customers in specific sectors or purchasing programs.Distribution and availability: Zoom for Government’s public sector distributor Carahsoft, which is also a member of the AWS Marketplace, will help facilitate transactions. Zoom and Zoom for Government are currently only available in the U.S. via the AWS Marketplace with Carahsoft’s support.

new avenue for digital transformation

With this exciting new step, we’re hoping to enable better work for federal, state, and local agency teams — to help them simplify tasks and better navigate today’s complex landscape of solutions. 

This unearths a new opportunity for today’s government users, increasing access to seamless and secure collaboration.

You can find Zoom and Zoom for Government on the AWS Marketplace, and to learn more about Zoom for Government, visit our Zoom for Government webpage.

By: Matt Mandrgoc
Title: Both Zoom and Zoom for Government Are Now Available on the AWS Marketplace with Carahsoft’s Support
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/zoom-and-zoom-for-government-aws-marketplace-carahsofts-support/
Published Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 13:00:00 +0000

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