An Enhanced User Interface for Zoom Rooms Devices 

October 18, 2022

To help provide our customers with a consistent experience in their workspaces and across the industry, we continue to enhance the user interface of our Zoom Rooms solution. We recently released Dark Mode on Zoom Rooms Controllers, which allows users to set a dark background on the Zoom UI and further create a meeting experience that fits their needs.

A reliable and consistent experience is a hallmark of an enterprise-grade communications solution. Here’s more on Dark Mode and some additional background on improvements we’ve recently made to enhance the Zoom Rooms experience.

Turn the lights down with Dark Mode

Dark Mode allows you to change the Zoom UI from the default white background and create a color scheme that more closely fits your preferences and meeting space aesthetics. A darker background also reduces eye strain and can increase color contrast to help provide a more accessible Zoom Rooms experience.

more consistent meeting experience across all devices

While our first iteration of Zoom Rooms targeted conference rooms, we’ve expanded Zoom Rooms to support a growing set of devices – small, medium, large screens, landscape, and portrait mode orientation. And to further empower our customers to create meeting spaces that help them get more done together, Zoom has redesigned the functionality for Zoom Rooms for Touch and Zoom Rooms Controller devices.

This enhanced functionality, built on a scalable framework, provides a UI that more closely mirrors our Zoom client on Zoom Rooms Controllers and Zoom Rooms for Touch devices. This offers an intuitive, consistent experience on a range of devices.

The enhanced UI is designed to work on all Zoom Rooms devices and is also available on Zoom for Home and personal Zoom Room devices with the supported Zoom Rooms and Controller versions.

So go ahead and start a scheduled or instant meeting, make a phone call, share content from your device, and more at the click of a button, and leverage a more seamless meeting experience from your workspace.

Learn more

Update your Zoom client to version 5.11.0 or above to access all the latest updates to Zoom Room Controllers and Zoom Rooms for Touch devices! For more information on elevating your workspace, check out our Zoom Rooms User Guide.

By: Cynthia Lee
Title: An Enhanced User Interface for Zoom Rooms Devices
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/enhanced-user-interface-for-zoom-rooms/
Published Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2022 16:00:00 +0000

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