Access Hot-Desking, Call Recording, and E911 Location Mapping in Your Zoom Phone Appliance 

June 30, 2021

We just launched Zoom Phone Appliances, purpose-built business productivity endpoints that provide both Zoom Phone and Meetings capabilities, this month, and we’re already adding updates!

Zoom Phone Appliance devices streamline collaboration with premium audio, video, and content sharing capabilities while offering an intuitive and effective experience for all users, regardless of where they choose to work. 

Here are some Zoom Phone Appliance updates to help you better manage workspace resources, improve employee safety, and protect your communications. 


Many of you are reconfiguring office spaces to accommodate flexible working. Zoom Phone Appliance devices now support hot-desking, which allows a user to sign in as guest to an appliance in a shared space. Once an administrator configures the device for hot-desking, any Zoom Phone user can sign in and use their Zoom account, complete with upcoming meetings, call history, voicemail, and more.  

Nomadic E911 location mapping

In an emergency situation, your employees need to receive help as quickly as possible, regardless of their location. With support for Nomadic E911, the Zoom Phone Appliance will prompt the user for permission to share their location. If an emergency call is made from that device, it will be able to report the location so that first responders can locate them in the event of an emergency. 

Call recording

Record a call you receive on your Zoom Phone Appliance with the touch of a button. Simply click the Record button on the dial pad to start recording your calls. To stop or pause recording, click the Record button a second time. 

Speed Dial with Presence Status (Busy Lamp) 

Set your speed dial contacts in your Zoom profile page, view their presence status, and dial them instantly at the press of a button with speed dial on Zoom Phone Appliances.  The primary line and speed dial contacts remain available at all times, no matter which menu you navigate to on the Zoom Phone Appliance

Check out the release notes to get additional information on these updates. To learn how to better support your remote teams and hybrid workspaces with Zoom Phone and Zoom Phone Appliances, contact a Zoom product specialist today!

By: Cari Dick
Title: Access Hot-Desking, Call Recording, and E911 Location Mapping in Your Zoom Phone Appliance
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/access-hot-desking-call-recording-e911-location-mapping-in-zoom-phone-appliance/
Published Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2021 16:04:31 +0000

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