5 Reasons This State Bank ‘Meets Happy’ with Zoom During COVID-19 

 February 18, 2021

By  Scott

With over 100 years of serving its customers, Happy State Bank has become an integral part of the communities it serves across Texas. The organization has received a number of awards recognizing its dedication to customer service and operational excellence, including awards for Best Bank to Work For and financial literacy training in children with Happy State Bank’s “Kid’s Bank” Program.  

In our latest case study, Jeff Rademaekers, Happy State Bank’s Senior Vice President of IT, and Justin Wesbrooks, Happy State Bank’s Vice President of IT, shared some of the reasons why Happy State Bank chose Zoom as its video solution during these unprecedented times. 

1. A dynamic solution for a challenging transition

“When we moved everyone to a remote working situation, some employees were still using Webex because we kicked off a proof-of-concept with Zoom and Webex at the same time, but Zoom really proved itself,” Rademaekers said. “The reliability was there, but we also really liked the ease of use and the features as well. We also learned through the proof-of-concept that we could use the Zoom Dashboard to diagnose any issues we came across.”

2. Reliability for high-profile events

“At the beginning we hosted some high visibility events over Zoom, like our board meetings and our stockholder’s meeting, and we were able to provide some close support to our employees to make sure things went off without a hitch,” Wesbrooks said. 

3. Effortless communication 

“When Jeff and I want to talk, we just start a Zoom Meeting,” Wesbrooks said. “We both have office phones, but we use Zoom Meetings because it’s so simple to send a quick invite. And Zoom isn’t some big, clunky platform that you have to navigate; you have the option for chat and video meetings right there in front of you, and it’s really simple to share screens. We’re doing daily standups on Zoom as well, and when we’re all on it gives us that feeling of being in a room together.”

4. Simplicity and ease of use

“The fact that with just one click of a button, you can meet with four or five different people is really powerful,” Wesbrooks said. “The simplicity of the Gallery View and Active Speaker View also makes it really easy to see everyone clearly.” 

5. Face-to-face connection

“At Happy State Bank, our culture relies on close connections and those face-to-face conversations,” Rademaekers said. “With Zoom Meetings, we can get that face-to-face contact, and so it has really helped us in supporting us and our culture. Instead of getting on a phone call, I can go talk to someone directly and see their body language.” 

Read the full case study to learn more about how Happy State Bank is using Zoom to connect employees and raise capital during COVID-19.  

By: John Montgomery
Title: 5 Reasons This State Bank ‘Meets Happy’ with Zoom During COVID-19
Sourced From: blog.zoom.us/5-reasons-this-state-bank-meets-happy-with-zoom-during-covid-19/
Published Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 23:26:41 +0000

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